Wednesday, January 17, 2024

An almost clean bill of health

There are days when I feel it's Groundhog Day - the movie! Except I don't have to repeat it because I didn't get it right the first time -- it's just the routine that I'm in. And not every morning is the same since I'm off to spin class this morning, which has a different routine than if I weren't going to spin class. 

I accomplished stuff yesterday! The writing went well, and I'm onto the next project, so that's a bonus. It should be a fun day as I have some samples to make, and then I get to write about them! 

I had a doctor's appointment in the morning and debated whether I would walk there. The sidewalks were a bit slippery with a thin layer of snow, and it was still snowing slightly. I decided to walk. It wasn't cold, but I had to hustle to get there on time as the sideway situation took a bit longer to navigate. I arrived at 10:01 only to discover that the doctor hadn't arrived. And when she did about 25 minutes later, she apologized for not realizing how much snow there was. DUH!!!! 

Anyway, I got a clean bill of health on all my blood work, but the bone density results weren't such. Good news. So now I'll be eating as many calcium-rich foods as I can lay my hands on. But it's hilarious because she says I should walk. Good lord -- if I walk anymore each day, I won't get anything done! I really need to do some weight-resistant exercises. I told her I had already walked 11 KM by the time I reached her office, and it was 10:30 by then!

If I can walk to the doctor, my knees are not as bad as I think! They have the usual arthritic and age issues, and there's nothing we can do about them now. I'm OK with that - I just have to learn to live with it, which I've been doing for several years. I will NOT let arthritic knees stop me from doing what I want! 

But I MUST try to correct that posture of mine, or this osteoporosis will make me short in a very short time! And stretching -- I must get into the stretching thing with a  vengeance! 

Then I walked back, and, well, I walked a lot yesterday and did the stairs many times as the sewing machine is in the basement, and the computer is on the main floor, and I had to refer to the sewing machine often as I wrote. I could change that setup, but I like the exercise, so the setup remains the same!

I also had a productive meeting, and it's amazing how much can be done and how quickly if you don't let things drone on! We're done with this section? Let's move on. There's no need to belabor any points! We weren't quite as efficient as I would have liked, but I was OK going over the time limit I set since we were so productive. 

Look at Little Bear. It's a challenge to walk three dogs in the morning - they each want to be FIRST, but I've been taking Murphy first, otherwise she barks. But that isn't helping, as she has started barking when I leave with the others, even though she has already had a walk. Since I'm not in the house, what can I do? Where's my grooming lady now to give advice to calm that Murphy down? 

But Little Bear didn't want to walk yesterday -- too cold for his delicate self but yet, he loves to zip out to the backyard for a quick pee and then back in, although he does explore. But then he runs into the house and up the stairs to snuggle with DH. Well, DH isn't up there this morning. Who is he going to snuggle with? 

Grandma --- I can't get down!!!!

He and Lexi aren't fond of each other- well, that's not true. They like each other, but Lexi is pretty aloof and keeps to herself unless she wants to "fight" with Murphy. She was NOT happy that I put Bear on the sofa with her. 

MOM -- he's invading my space!

The girls were OK with a half-hour walk each yesterday morning, and several times, Murphy went out and plopped herself on the cold snow on the deck. Even last night, when the temperature dropped, she was happy as a clam to be out for over a half hour. But at one point yesterday, Lexi was at the door with a paw in the air. 

I see Murphy and Bear are synchronized sleeping again this morning -- those two crazies!!!!

While waiting for my meeting to start, I put a few things away that were sitting in the middle of the floor. I store my class items in pizza boxes, and these are the FOUR for machine quilting, including basting and free motion. Gosh -- those boxes have been around forever, and whenever I have a class related to quilting, I grab the boxes. 

Boxes holding supplies for teaching machine quilting

But over the years, things have been added that could be removed now. Items have also migrated from one box to another, so I think it's time to sort through those boxes. I'm down to this kind of sorting now - well, mostly, and I'm OK with that. These demo boxes will mean nothing to anyone when I no longer teach, so they will eventually be emptied, but while I'm still teaching, the boxes remain. 

Still writing in the Happines Journal and love reading the previous entries. I'm also making an effort to read the daily quote. 

Quote from the Happiness Project

And the old me would likely be out there trying to buy a NEW journal so I "don't get caught without one." The new me knows I still have at least two FULL years before I need a new journal, so don't even consider buying a new one. 

How many of you do what's mentioned in the quote? I love the "doesn't lead to praise or recognition." part. It's so fun to just PLAY -- whether with fabric and sewing machine, paints and paper, dogs, walking, reading, or whatever. So much of what we do is "monitored" and put on social media, and what's the point. We learn to play, have fun, fail, get back up again, and try once more! It's a shame that much playtime has been removed from kids' agendas. They are so focused on screens to understand what play is about. 

Well, I've got some urgent paperwork to tackle today, which shouldn't take long, and then I get to play with the Epic 3 for a bit. Little by little, I'm making a dent in these two piles of paperwork, and then I can dig out the basket from the desk and tackle that pile. I must get better at dealing with what comes in every day, but sometimes, it comes in too fast and furious for me to deal with it totally that day. And I should not procrastinate because that makes it all bad!

Have a super day -- stay warm!!!



  1. Elaine did the Doctor talk to you about a Bone Density drug that you get by injection every 6 months. Helps slow down bone loss. You might not be there yet but good to know it is available. Good for you on being on top of your health and learning of potential problems so you can slow progression.

    1. I got a pill that I have to take once a week. So help me with remembering to take that! And lots of calcium rich foods. Then I check back in three months to see if the pill works for me. Apparently, it can cause stomach upset. Then we'll see. But a good wake-up call.

    2. Since you are going to take Vit D as well get a weekly pill box, then you can put your bone density med in there too. Take them same time every day, make it part of one of your regular activities, writing your blog or eating breakfast.

    3. Oh Tammy -- I have already failed on this pill taking thing. I hope the alarm will help! Let's see what happens on Sunday at 5:05 AM.