Sunday, January 14, 2024

How much storage does one person need?

You WILL not believe the email that I got yesterday! I couldn't help but laugh. Just when I thought I was on top of things. 

My Google One storage is almost full!

So here's the thing --- I have Microsoft Office on my computer. And they are desperately trying to get me to move to their web landing page -- Edge or something like that. But I'm a Google person, and so I like the Google landing page. And I have STORAGE with Google, and that's the one that is now showing 91% full!

Oh - I see that is a combination of my email and my photos. At least they make it easy to determine what is taking up space. It all goes back to that darn email with those huge attachments. I need to get in there and delete, delete, delete!!! 

I can't do it all at once, and I'm working on it. So life will go on, but I must be mindful because that will also STOP my email from working if that drive fills. And we MUST NOT let that happen. I finally have things working happily in email, and I don't really want another issue. 

I think everyone is back on the appropriate distribution lists, and they have dates and Zoom links. There are a couple more sessions next weekend that I still have to work on, but that's just routine paperwork. I'm on top of it! 

Homework was sent for those classes yesterday, and two presentations are ready for today. YES --- now, if I could just get some time to sit at a sewing machine or the computer writing, life would be good. But can you believe I have TWO FREE SATURDAYS left this month? Those are precious, and I will use them wisely! 

I was going to go to the Fibre Arts Show in Oakville today (today is the last day), but I can't afford the time. I need to be writing. I'll just have to wait for the next one and schedule my time better. It just shows that while I'm sort of on top of everything, I'm still struggling with scheduling. I'm not over-scheduled; it's a question of procrastinating and leaving things until the last minute. I need to stop doing that!

I was one of the few on my street that shoveled the driveway yesterday. I'm glad I did that when I did because I saw people out later in the day chipping away at the layer of ice that formed when the temperature dropped. I see we have a bit more snow today, so not sure what that will mean for walking. The main sidewalks were fine; our cul-de-sac is the problem. 

It was interesting to be shoveling slush! But I was diligent and even meticulously cleared the end of the driveway so no water pooled there to make a skating rink!

And I'm getting better (and faster) at parking the car in the garage! It's still a challenge, as the car's width fits with minimal inches on either side! But it's doable. I even found a way to avoid the shelf in the back so I could open the back hatch if needed. Yep --- women can do that! Men? Not so much! 

While I was out walking the girls in the morning, you won't believe what I saw! I was so astonished; I was speechless. 

Do you see it? 

OK -- so it was only a patch of blue sky, but it's been so long, I almost forgot there was a sun and blue sky behind all those clouds! I see the next couple of days will be "cool," but I'm not complaining. The temperatures in Western Canada are FRIGID. What we have is nothing compared to them. The temperature in Saskatoon is MINUS 38 C, feeling like MINUS 52 with the windchill. Now that's cold! 

I spotted this sign when I was out walking Miss Lexi. There's an apartment building across the street - it's a senior's residence. And on the opposite side of the street is Tim's. Both buildings are on the corner, so I hope the residents use the crosswalk! This sign makes it look like seniors are dashing across a busy street (with their canes and walkers?) to get to Tim's! Perhaps it's more to warn drivers that seniors are using the crosswalk!

Seniors on the loose!

I taught an in-person class at The Hobby Horse yesterday! What fun!! Although I was a bit discombobulated as I got ready. What to take? But I managed just fine, and we had a great time exploring machine quilting. I always laugh when I teach that class because even though it's called machine quilting, we spend VERY LITTLE sewing. Quilting with a walking foot is just sewing straight (or mostly straight) lines. The sewing is basic; we all know how to sew a straight line. 

My class focuses on fixing problems -- playing with tension, stitch length, needles, thread, and all that fun stuff. You need to learn about the SUPPLIES and TOOLS in a machine quilting class, not how to sew a straight line. Free-motion is a whole different game. There's another introductory class in March and an accuracy class (piecing, cutting, and pressing) in February. 

I haven't been to the Hobby Horse in a while, and it was great to see Gail, who is always in fine form. And YES -- she's still stitching!!! I hope to be like her when I'm more experienced with life! 

When I got home, DH was out for dinner. He had attempted to solve the FINAL puzzle in our Lord of the Rings Exit game. No luck. So, as I ate dinner by myself, I pondered. Hmmm --- OH!!! Lightbulb moment. OK -- so I got the next step to solving the clue. They give you the clues in the cards, but boy oh boy -- it's how to interpret those clues. And you MUST look at everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. It's like playing detective with cards and a cardboard box!

And then, well, I couldn't help myself. I went back, and well, the puzzle solved itself!! How did that happen? But I didn't read the final cards. I'll wait to do that together, but I'll give him that first clue and let him mull it over. OK -- I'm hooked on those darn games - I love them, and while these small ones are supposed to be solved in an evening, we love having them sit on the table so we can puzzle over it at dinner or any other time of the day if we're stuck. 

Dare I suggest that we start a new one? 

Then I spent the evening with the girls and the boy. He was ready to snuggle while I was still collecting my reading material. Perhaps I need a bag to put it all in. 

Grandma -- I'm ready for snuggle time!

Murphy was off by herself, chewing a rubber toy. She never touched that toy, even though I bought it ages ago, but in the last couple of weeks, she's been gnawing on it like mad. And it's STRONG, so it should last a long time. 

MOM -- a little busy here! 

Then she hopped up on her bed. 

Mom - I'm focusing on my toy!

And Miss Lexi just curled up on the bed at my feet, happy as a sleeping dog can be. Since I moved that dog bed into the living room, she loves sleeping on it again! 

Mom -- this bed is so comfy

OK -- so even though it's not -38 outside, I'm not looking forward to walking this morning. OK -- that's a lie. The first 5 minutes are the worst as your body acclimatizes to the cold. I don't think you ever acclimatize to -38!!! 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. The Oakville show is amazing. If you’re able to fit it in to your busy day it’s well worth it - and it’s free. Very inspiring!

    1. Shoot -- it wasn't going to happen. Totally my fault as the show was on long enough! Next time!!! Glad you enjoyed the show.

  2. I enjoyed the Oakville show as well. The few pictures I did take was enough for my youngest son to want to go to after school on Friday. DH said he'd go to. So I went a second time.
    My email storage was at 99%, mainly because I uploaded a bunch of pictures/ videos from my trip out West. The videos are the space hogs. I have it down to 94%. It's a long process.

    1. Oh Darlene -- that's amazing that your son and husband wanted to go!!! You've trained them well. And yes -- those videos are space hogs in e-mail. Have fun cleaning them up!