Friday, January 5, 2024

Flip, not rotate

I don't know why it's taking me so long to get back into the swing of things this year! It's only January 5th, but I usually have all the class stuff done in December. I finally got all the software club information to the three stores, so watch for that. The clubs are scheduled to start the first week of February --- Brampton Sew and Serge, Stitch by Stitch, and Thimble Quilts and Sewing. 

Now, you can call them and ask or simply be on their newsletter/e-mail list, and you'll get the information. 

There are still two more distribution lists to recreate, but that shouldn't take long. That's a job for Saturday afternoon. 

I didn't get much sewing done yesterday as I was visiting, and well, the SUN was out, and I couldn't stop myself from sitting in the living room and enjoying every minute of it. I got out a book to read and snuggled down with the girls - I mean girls and a boy. 

It always makes me chuckle when I chat with most people on a "cold" day. It was -3 - it might have felt like -5 as there was a bit of wind. They always say - "oh my - it's a cold day." Well, it's not! Technically, there are no cold days, just poorly dressed people! On the other hand, someone came to pick something up at the house, and she had sandals on and NO socks! We're all affected by the cold in different ways. 

I find that I'm just toasty as can be with my Tiley hat (with earflaps), a scarf tightly wound around my neck, and my little Patagonia down sweater. And I haven't moved on from my dollar store gloves yet. Once you get walking, it's beautiful, and there are many times when I come back into the house sweating! 

I just checked and do not see the Tiley hat, but I've had it for MANY years, as well as that Patagonia down sweater. They were "expensive" then but so well worth the money. 

So, the little guy is a snuggler and is allowed to sleep on the bed. I love it when he decides it's too cool to sleep on the covers, so he snugs his way down my back and curls up beside me. What a sweetie! Now he's tucked into his bed beside me on the floor, with the blanket over him. My girls are NOT snugglers!!!

I passed by Diane's house - OK -- you can't pass by her house, but I stopped at her house on my walk and picked up this. 

Quilt tops for community projects

There were nine quilt tops with binding and one backing. 

One quilt backing

All that got added to the piles of quilt tops in the storage room. I won't even go there! 

Thanks, Diane!!!!

I must schedule some time to make that happen, and OOPS -- I didn't make it to the drawers in the kitchen. I hope you are doing better at decluttering than I am. It's all about scheduling some time, and I had other things on the agenda. 

M is here now; time is precious, so we spent the morning finishing the EXIT Game. I know - let's get our priorities in the right place. I'm unsure if DH and I would have used fewer clue cards, but some puzzles were challenging despite the game rating. And some of them? Well, I don't know. Even knowing the answer, I struggle to find a correlation to the solution. 

And I'm sorry, but what does rotate mean? Rotote is to move around an axis -- it does NOT mean FLIP. So we got caught up in that one as well. I hate when we have the first part all figured out, and then what? If they had said FLIP, we would have got that clue, no problem. We should know by now that you have to try multiple things! And some of the little "tricks" are so cleverly done. I'm impressed. 

Then I spent more time prepping for the weekend classes, and so happy to say there are only two. I took lots of pictures and got some sewing done, and I'm almost ready for tomorrow. I have more sewing and photos to take, but I should be prepared by tomorrow morning! OH -- I have to put all the pictures into the presentations, but that should be quick. 

Well, I have three dogs to walk this morning, and I'd better get started! 

Have a super day!!!


  1. The sandals and no socks were the result of just having had a pedicure. LOL

    1. Well those red toes looked pretty!! I know how you feel about socks and shoes, so I figured this was normal for you!!