Sunday, January 21, 2024

Getting the monkey off your back!

OH!!!! The one metric system that I have wholeheartedly embraced is temperature! So, I had to do some research on yesterday's comments. What the heck is 64 degrees Fahrenheit? We keep our house at 19 Celcius at night (66.2 F) and 21 during the day (69.8). However, as I mentioned, the temperature these days doesn't rise above 20 (68) during the day! 

But I'm good with that. I don't want it to be too hot, and I sleep with two duvets and a quilt at night and add or remove layers as needed! 

Compared to what I see in the comments, our house is practically a HOT house! I LOVE it. However, what happens when you get older? It's my mom's birthday today - she turns 88. When will we visit their apartment? It's like a greenhouse. She won't put on a shawl if there's a draft - good lord, the rest of us are practically down to our underwear (no -- not going there), and she complains. Sigh.....................

I am learning a valuable lesson, and I hope you can also learn from it. Some of you are already there, as it's nothing new - not by a long shot. What is it? Can you guess what the biggest timewaster is? Nope, it's not your phone or the computer, although they do come into play. 

Give up? Procrastination! It's amazing how my brain works, but if I have what I perceive to be a challenging or undesirable task to do, I'll procrastinate, and then that task niggles in the back of my mind, and I envision that it's going to take forever. I think about it; I waste time "worrying" about it. Guess what? When I actually tackle it -- it's NOTHING. And the weight lifted off my shoulders is enormous. Getting it done is like freeing up vast amounts of time. My mind is clear, my mood lifts, and I NEED TO STOP procrastinating. 

I guess you can tell that I got some more stuff done yesterday! I had to tidy up the files for the UFO club, and I had no choice since the sessions are later this morning. I still have a couple more admin things to do for these groups, but I plan to clear it up right after the sessions this morning. Get it done and move on! 

I made headway on the small number of paperwork items I pulled from the basket. There are a few things there to get done today, but it's better to look at one, two, or three things in a day and get them done than pull out many things and get nothing done because of being overwhelmed. I would say that's my biggest problem. I get excited, go nuts, and then I'm overwhelmed, and nothing gets done. 

Slow and steady! The other thing is to learn to deal with EVERYTHING. Don't delay those tasks that you don't like or don't know how to do or the items you don't know whether they are junk or useable. The more you can deal with everything as it comes at you (or within a day or two), the better off you're going to be. 

The problem right now is that I've neglected some things for many years, and I need to play catchup. That's my goal and has been for the last ten years. Yep -- I'm a slow learner. I chuckle when I read in that Happiness Journal for entries from 2012. "Still tidying - when will this ever end?" And here we are twelve years later and still not done! What a hoot! But the important thing is that while I may have slowed down in some years, I never gave up! I'm still at it and will continue to work on the decluttering until I'm done. Then, I can tackle any area in a few minutes! I am so far ahead of where I was in 2012 - both in how the house looks and how much it contains and in my mental state! I (and YOU) can do this!!!!

OK -- let's see what pictures I have to share. I have LOADS - some days, it's only the dogs, and then there are too many for one day. 

I finally put my summer sandals in the closet, giving me room for these two pairs of boots. The rain boots need to go as they have a split in the back. Still suitable for not-so-wet days but not for puddle jumping. I got a lead on a new pair, so I must follow that up. The other pair are no longer waterproof, and I'm not about to make them waterproof since they no longer fit me properly. I got nasty raw skin and a bloody sock from the day I shoehorned my feet in them! I love them, and I'm sad to see them go. 

Boots that need to go

However, I'm also the person who will wear running shoes all winter long. My feet love them, and they have a good grip. Boots don't have the same flexibility as shoes, and I hate them. I will only wear them when it's pouring rain or there is deep snow. 

Then I unearthed a pair of slippers that I no longer wear. The one thing I HATE about slippers is if they are sloppy on your feet (not easy to walk in) and if they don't have good grips - again, not easy to walk in. I think they are too worn to give away, so I'll try them on one last time today and then say goodbye. Have you noticed how many seniors shuffle? I bet it's because they don't have GOOD slippers with a GOOD grip on their feet. Slippers also tend to come in S, M, or L. That is NOT a good indication of size, and you have no choice but to shuffle or the slippers come off. GET PROPER FITTING FOOTWEAR!!! 

The old and the new

I wear a pair of Birkenstocks around the house these days. The rubber (plastic) ones. They are incredibly lightweight, gliders so you can wear socks (perfect for winter), and they have a good grip and are easy to walk in. I think I found my new slippers for the house. The only color I could find is white. It's not a good color for me, but it works! There are numerous styles, but the gliders are good and only $45 CDN. 

I cleaned out the three pizza boxes where I store my supplies for teaching machine quilting. So much stuff accumulated, and do I need it all in the boxes? Plus, there's a label on each box designating what's inside - Machine quilting, free motion, quilting designs. The stuff was all jumbled. 

Cleaning out class demo boxes

I put all the supplies in the correct box. What a difference this will make when I teach the next class at The Hobby Horse in March. Be sure to check out the calendar. I give a fantastic machine quilting class. 

The box is looking much better

I removed all this! Some of it is samples of practice sandwiches. How many of those do I need in the box? And there was a LOT of paperwork that I accumulated over the years. I've pulled out all the stuff I want to sort through a bit more and determine if it needs to be kept. I want to write a new "cheat" sheet for quilting, and perhaps I'll use those documents and then toss everything that I no longer need. If I no longer reference it, I no longer need it. 

Machine quilting stuff to sort

And now look at those three boxes. The lids actually shut on all three, and they will look much neater on my shelf. 

Three boxes of supplies for teaching machine quilting

I found these sets of plastic templates. Some of them have been opened. They were made for marking designs for hand quilting, but they could be used for anything -- doodling, scrapbooking, or whatever. I won't use them, and if someone wants them -- they are YOURS for the asking. There is a set of ovals, two different hearts, and two sets of petals or leaves -- great for making feathers.

Plastic templates

I'm trying to think what I could use them for. I'll never use them to mark a quilt, but could I use them to design applique blocks? Or would I now just use the computer? 

I switched out the Christmas quilt for the pineapple quilt that hangs in the family room. It was not a huge job, but I didn't want Santa hanging around in July, and it was time to make that happen. 

Quilts switched up

And someone had asked me about a quilt technique, which I had done on ONE specific quilt. Do you think I could find the darn thing? Nope -- I even asked M if she happened to take the quilt with her. I know -- that was lame! But I kept looking, and at last, I found it. I took the necessary pictures and hope to show them that technique in a bit. 

The "lost" quilt is now found

But as I was looking for that quilt, it made me think that there are MANY quilts that I never go back to. There is nothing super special about the quilt. I  made it for a class sample, or it was made for a magazine. It is those quilts I need to start culling. I may start small and pick 5 - 10 quilts that I know I'll never use in my lifetime and never reference again. I'll take pictures and then let them go to Quilts of Valour. Yep -- I need to start doing that. It would be nice to reduce the pile, and if someone can benefit from the warmth of a quilt? Then they should enjoy it and not have it sit in my house.

It was a sad day yesterday! OK -- I'm being like Lexi -- a big old drama queen. We do not have a collection of glasses. It's a mishmash collected over the years; well, one died yesterday. 

I pulled it out to pour a glass of chocolate milk (part of my "healthy" afternoon snack) and noticed a crack in the side. OK -- so the cheap part of me contemplated whether it really was a crack - it was. 

ACK -- a crack in a water glass

I got this glass when I lived in Montreal. I have lived in the Toronto area for almost 35 years. I'm surprised the glass is still around. Do you know who that character is? That's Obelix -- a well-known French cartoon character!!! I won't be running out and buying new glasses any time soon, as there are a few more in the cupboard. But several years ago, I did a clean sweep of the kitchen, and many glasses disappeared. I kept enough to fit in the cupboard. No overloading of kitchen stuff for me! 


OK -- so I'm good at remembering to remove the Vitamin D from the container, but then I moved the pills to the computer desk, and well, I found them this morning. NO -- remove them from the bottle and take them when you fill the water bottle. How hard can that be? 

My Vitamin D from yesterday!

And yes- it's Sunday, and I have THE pill removed from the container. It's a teeny thing, but since it can irritate my stomach, I must read the instructions. OK -- I just did. I already failed. I'm supposed to take it on an empty stomach in the morning, 30 minutes before eating. Oops - I just finished breakfast. And with a HUGE glass of water. OK -- let's leave it for this morning and try again soon Tuesday. I can't do it on Monday as I need to eat when I get up for spin class. 

Sigh......................  Thank god, I do NOT need pills to keep me alive! But I'll get into the swing of this. Just a two-day hiccup - that's all. 

On that note, it's time to get the day rolling. I've got the two presentations ready for UFO this morning. I made significant progress in the sewing department yesterday -- more on that another day. Let's see where today will lead!!!

Before I leave, let's talk about getting the monkey off your back. I want you to do something VERY important. I want you to think of that ONE task you've been putting off because you dread it, don't know how to do it, or whatever. I want you to write it down or keep it in your head. Now - figure out what steps you need to take to get it off your back? I swear, the issue could be releasing a toxic relationship, finishing a UFO that was meant to be a quilt for someone, cleaning that stain on the wall, or whatever the heck it is. But you NEED to get this off your back NOW. Right now - like as in TODAY RIGHT NOW!!!

Have a super day!!!



  1. Could those plastic templates be used for “Junque Journalling”?
    One thing I need to get done, that I’ve been putting off, is getting some blood work done. I do have to go into town today (and it really goes against my grain to have to shop on a Sunday) but being as it’s Sunday, I won’t get that task done today. I really do need to stop stalling on it, though!
    Lastly, I remember reading the Asterix comics when I was a teenager. They belonged to my cousin.

    1. Did you get your blood work done yet? I'll be asking again! Usually it's me who is way behind on that kind of thing. HOLY -- I thought Asterix comics were only known in the French circles!! I never knew of them until I moved to Quebec!!!

  2. Hi. You were on Love of Quilting yesterday.

  3. When I was in college, many, many moons ago, we had to write a paper on procrastination. The assignment was given at the start of Sept. The due date was spring of the following year. After many reminders…the whole group handed them in at the last minute.
    Avoiding something does not make it go away.


    1. Louise!!!! I love this comment -- yep -- it doesn't matter how much time we have to do something, the task usually gets completed the night before. Now why is that??? I bet there are some good books on procrastination.

  4. My task? I need to finish up 2023 bookkeeping. I'm traveling right now but I commit to doing it all Th/Fri.

    Heat? Oh my. We spent Christmas afternoon at my little sister's (55yo and I am 62). I wore a turtleneck and wool sweater with snowflakes for a winter snowy day. Fortunately I took along a long-sleeve t-shirt for in case. Well, I lasted 5". She has her home at 74F/23.3C. Our daytime heat is 18.9C. Holy cow how on earth? At 84, Mom had her home at 21.1C so I don't foresee sister's heat! And yes, the USA needs to go Metric-our system is ridiculous as well as much more difficult to learn than metric.

    Happy Sunday everyone!

    1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! I love the story of you visiting your little sister. AT 74F, I think I too would be running around with little on. It's amazing how even ONE degree can make a difference in our comfort!!! There is no way that US will move to Metric. I think if it hasn't happened by now - it's never going to change! But that's OK -- we love Imperial for quilting, so you just keep on with those inches and yards!!!!

  5. Elle, I think the problem with the metric is that we learned Fahrenheit and think that we should never have to learn anything Celcius!
    When I was student teaching, in 2000, I had to teach the metric system. You wouldn't believe how many parents protested the "waste of time." Which, I understood. They were told to learn metric because the United States would be switching over. That never happened, and they felt cheated. They didn't want to do that to their children.

    I used to work at a Jantzen fabric outlet. We had Canadians who would come across and they would try to get fabric cut and we would have to measure it twice. Once with the metric tape measure and then with the yard stick. Time consuming. Some people would get upset with us. "I only have to buy one metric at home."
    I finally started saying that when I bought fabric in Victoria, B.C., I had to do the figuring myself, which was true. And it never bothered me to have to do my own figuring or to do it for our Canadian customers.
    Good memories from almost 30 years ago!

    1. Torry, we immigrated from the Netherlands. Of course, home taught me metric before I went to kindergarten. The American system was so dang hard to learn. It is nonsensical. So yes, conversion is easy for me as I learned that as well, so I could relate to parental measurements in conversation

    2. Yes --- the metric system. It'll probably never happen in the US. I wonder if they are still teaching it? Probably not! We have some stores in Canada that sell in yards or meters. You can decide. It's not as big a deal -- the meter is 3 inches (LOL) longer than a yard!!! We are definitely bilingual in all things you can measure!