Sunday, January 28, 2024

Lexi and the squirrels

Things are coming together; I have one last group to finish the admin work. That HAS to happen today as I'm away this coming week, and I'd like it off my plate. Hopefully, it will take minimal time as I have two Zoom sessions this morning and right into the Virtual Retreat - see the link at the bottom of the post.  

I discovered something yesterday as I was tidying up my Facebook groups. I actually DELETED one group - it was from a specific project about three years ago. No need to keep that one around. 

Deleting a Facebook group

It's a silly way to delete a group. You have to remove ALL the members, and then you have to leave the group. Since you are the last one leaving, you're asked if you want to delete the group. Why not just be able to delete the group and all the people in it? I don't mean their profiles, but their link to that group. I manage TWENTY-TWO groups, and some I no longer use, so those ones can disappear. 

And if the group is PRIVATE,  you can remove members. If the group is PUBLIC, you have to BAN them. That is NOT the same thing, and BAN sounds so harsh. I'm making all my groups private so I can REMOVE people, not ban them, even if my goal is to delete the group. 

While I was working on my laptop, I noticed this. Are you kidding me? Yep -- that says the hard disk is almost full. Well -- that's insane, but I bet what's happening is that OneDrive is linked directly to that computer, and I'll find all the files there. 

The laptop hard disk is almost full!

So far, so good with it - I don't have time today to deal with it. 

I got the address for the item on the kitchen counter, and the box is GONE. One last item needs to be hung outside; I may need some wire to help with that. But otherwise, the kitchen is mostly cleaned up. DH is home, and he's not necessarily on the same tidy kick that I am. But it's alright. 

At the post office 

While having dinner before heading to the Virtual Retreat, I sat down to see if I could figure out the next clue with the Exit Game. Soon, DH was there, and well, we finished the game! 

Puzzle central

We only had to look at one clue out of the ten puzzles. He was on the right track with his logic, but we got stuck in a particular direction and could NOT get out of that rut. Even when reading the clue -- it took a while for my brain to grasp it. But I see the logic, but I KNOW I would never have got that one alone. Not in a million years. 

I'm all about cutting up everything with the games now. I even cut this part out of the box, although I didn't need to. But when it came time to use what I cut out -- I was ready! No worries that we're done -- I've got more! I won't dig one out since I won't be here next week 

Nothing is sacred in an Exit Game

I managed to quilt a small customer quilt and hope to get the next one on the frame later today. I have to make the backing first, and I have some embroidery, so I know it won't get quilted. But when I'm back from the retreat next week, my priority is getting those last few quilts out of the house. 

Customer quilt - DONE

There's a lot of water lying around, and here's that big puddle where I almost "fell" through the ice last week. I didn't have my rainboots on -- only if it's really raining. Lexi and I managed to ford that puddle without getting wet! 

The BIG puddle

Oh my gosh -- Lexi loves chasing squirrels, and she can hear them inside the trees. 

Let's check out the other side?

Let's circle the tree to see if we can find him on the outside. 

MOM -- he's in there! 

Well, let's LOOK inside the tree. 

MOM -- I can hear those squirrels

I can get him!!!!

MOM -- I see them! I see them! 

She's so cute!! 

Little Bear was a trooper yesterday, but at one point, he got cold. That little paw went up in the air (that's the signal), so he got a walk home. I had only put his jacket on, not his sweater AND jacket, and he got cold without his hair to keep him warm. But he still went pretty far. You can't see in the photos, but we have matching jackets - how cool is that?

Grandma -- I'm FREEZING! 

The quotes in the Happiness Project journal are a bit uncanny. This one relates to me as I'm trying to fix my posture and gait, among other things. And yes -- there's no time to "fix" other people - I have my hands full with my issues. Nor should we try to fix the people -- they'll get to it on their own schedule. 

I know this is the placebo effect, but with the bit of exercising that I've done, and trust me - it hasn't been loads, and by no means is it strenuous, but I feel better already. Minimal issues with walking yesterday. I'm down to less than 11 KM to finish my virtual challenge, and I WILL make that happen today. 

OK -- so I have a note for that Sunday pill, but I only remembered it as I was getting breakfast ready, so it looks like I'll aim for Tuesday again this week. I might have to set a reminder for Sunday morning, as I can't remember to take that thing at least 30 minutes before eating! 

But I am remembering to take the Vitamin D, so that's a positive!

Loads of stuff happening; I just don't have much time this morning. Everything is prepped and ready to go, but I must finish the blog and walk the girls. Then, right into the Zoom sessions. 

Here's the link to the Virtual Retreat today. Sunday, January 28 - We start at NOON. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 829 8351 7671
Passcode: 117636

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Maybe take the pill at night just as go to bed?