Thursday, February 8, 2024

Car wash blues!

I'm comforted knowing that I'm not alone in this decluttering journey! How is it possible that we've allowed ourselves to accumulate so much clutter - physical things or digital assets. Oh well --- we'll get through it!

No one will care a single thing about my computer once I'm gone. No one would dig through those photos, and no one would need or want my old email. I only do this to make room for MORE on my computer and make it easier to find what I have! Then perhaps I could actually do stuff with my photos!

I'm quite happy with the file structure document I wrote for my class! Let's see how many of them get their embroidery files organized!!

And I made a mistake! I kept saying that I was reading Book Five of the Harry Potter series - The Goblet of Fire. Ooops -- that was Book FOUR! That's how much I pay attention to this stuff! I caved and ordered the fifth audiobook, which arrived last night, as well as another audiobook, so I'll have to delay that one. 

I was quilting a quilt yesterday and I had to laugh because at one point, I was reminded of Moody's saying in The Goblet of Fire - Constant Vigilence! Yep -- that was needed because look what happened.

An open seam!


Yep  -- there was an open seam on a half-square triangle. I happened to be standing right there, and I saw the seam open as the hopping foot got near, but I wasn't quick enough to hit the BIG RED STOP button on the computer before it went a bit too far. Thankfully, I was standing right there, so the repair job was easy and there are no holes in the quilt. But if I had NOT been there? Well - that's a whole other story. 

The bottom line is that the quilt is done. 

Customer quilt - DONE

The next one is loaded, so I can quilt it today. 

The next quilt loaded

It was time to try to clean up the projects from the retreat. I ran out of yellow/white/black fabric for a quilt, so I had to dig through my yardage and the scrap boxes. 

Finding bits of yellow/white/black fabric

Yikes-- I do NOT have a lot of those colors (on the same print), but I managed to find enough to get what I wanted. It's all bundled back up and ready for the next retreat. 

One sewing project ready for the next retreat

Then, I managed to get those four log cabin blocks cut for Cabin in the Woods. I had cut and sewed one set while at the retreat, but realized with TWO quilts I needed 8 blocks, not 4. DUH!!!!

Cabin in the Woods is ready to sew

I found a brand-new seam ripper that will fit into my retreat toolbox. I've no idea why I put that small one in there, as I know how much I hate them. Now I'm good for any rippin' issues!

A new seam ripper for the retreat box

I got the last blocks cut for the third block of the Heartfelt sampler, so that was good. This is the current month's homework. I still need to get the next set of blocks sewn as well!

One more block set cut for the Heartfelt Sampler

I had TWO blocks that needed additional fabrics for the 365-day quilt, and some of that was done this morning. 

Cutting for the 365-day quilt

What I need now is a DAY to sew. I still have the Tequila Lime homework to process before Saturday, so I'd better focus on that later today!

After the retreat, the car was very muddy! I mean, it was MUD COVERED from top to bottom. On my way home from the gym, I happened to glance at the gas, and OH BOY -- I had 40 km left in the tank. That's one thing that I wish were different in this car. There is NO LIGHT to come on when the tank hits a certain level, or if it does, I don't see it. So you have to watch the gauge, and this was cutting it a bit close. I notice that I seem to be the one to fill the car -- it's never DH! 

While at the gas station, I decided to wash the car since it was a glorious day. Well, I was about 10th in line - I should have come back. There wasn't a single car in that line that had a speck of mud or dirt on it, so why were they in the line? I get that you want your car clean, but we have NOT had a lot of slush lately, so they were just taking up space!!!

In the line for the carwash

And then there was the idiot two cars in front of me, waiting at the entrance. Someone was honking their horn, but I couldn't see what was going on because of the angle, and it was taking FOREVER - just the entire process. This guy was at the door and had no idea what to do. The guy who was honking got out of his car to help him. DUH!!!!! 

But the car is all shiny and clean again. 

Inside the car wash

That process took over ONE HOUR, and of course, there were only a couple of cars behind me, so I hit that line at the absolute worst time. Sigh.............

I love this picture as Little Bear is eating his breakfast, Lexi is outside (can you spot her?), and Murphy is waiting for Bear to finish his breakfast so she can lick his bowl clean. She's been doing that Lexi for years and is offering the same service to Bear. But look at her --- while she's there, she's not glancing at the bowl. Oh no - that would look like she was greedy, so I'll look the other way!!! 

Nope - I'm not waiting for Bear to finish at all!

It was another glorious day outside, so we got a bit of cuddle time in the gazebo! Who would have thought that we could have cuddle time outside in February!

Cuddling with Grandma!

And so much for keeping on top of the paperwork. Look at my desk this morning. Covered in crap that I need to process. I've been spending too much time cleaning up digital files, so I ignored the physical stuff. There just isn't enough time in one day to do everything!!! This is all the stuff that came in since I got home from the retreat! Or that I emptied from my office backpack after the retreat. 

My desk this morning

I have a Husqvarna Viking presentation tonight on Accessories! If you're interested, it's run through, but since it's on Zoom,  you can attend. Call them and get the link! 

I had another amazing spin class -- it's challenging but motivating! Then I went to physio to have those muscles stretched out! Ouch! OK -- so I MUST get better and do the stretches more frequently at home. Summer is coming, and I could have abs of steel! Or I guess they say - washboard abs! Hardly, but it's a goal!

But the little that I have done has made a difference. As we age and don't use our muscles as much, they either get tight or lose strength. Mine were doing BOTH, so now, I'm on the right track. Why are there so many things we're supposed to be doing but don't?

Oh well -- -time to get the day started!!!

Have a super day!!


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  1. I had a thought this morning on your "Cloud" files issue. If my memory is accurate, you use more than 1 computer in your home. IF you are using the same cloud account, working on the same files and your 2 machines are not in sinc, you may be doubling many things. Email being one of those.

    Happy Thursday!