Saturday, February 10, 2024

Things that IRK in the night!

People are much more relaxed about getting Zoom links, but seriously? Certain people need to relax or STOP making a nuisance of themselves, and if they read my blog -- they know who they are. It's FREAKING ANNOYING! 

Some instructors will send out the Zoom link several days before the class. People are comforted to know they have the link and won't miss the class. I do NOT send the link out several days in advance because many people lose them, which results in more emails. People are WAY BETTER than they used to be, so issues are rare these days. 

One participant said she created a folder in her inbox to store all her current Zoom links. This works exceptionally well if the class is multi-part and the Zoom links are the same, which mine are. I think it's a brilliant idea. So once they receive the Zoom link for the entire series of classes, they can store that email in such a folder. That way, they ALWAYS have access to the Zoom link. 

To make life easy for my students, I have emailed the night (or sometimes the morning) before the class so they wouldn't have to hunt for the Zoom link. I don't have to do that, but it's a courtesy, and I appreciate it when any class I take has the link sent shortly before the class. 

I had put in my notes for one class that I would email before midnight. I have two classes today, and last night, I sent one link and forgot the other. Imagine my "surprise" this morning when I got an email at 11:58 PM asking for the Zoom link! Seriously???? Did they stay up intentionally? That irks me to no end. I sent the darn thing before 5 AM this morning - the class is at 10 AM. And they already HAVE the Zoom link, so it's not like they didn't have it. 

Why do people have to be so petty? Do petty people realize how much they tick people off? I know I'm ranting about this, but I'm very irked! And sometimes I think people do it just to get a rise out of me, and well, this time they did! And do these people realize that if they need something from me, I'm much less likely to answer the email if they do silly things? 

And then what happens when you send out that Zoom link to a group you do not own. This happened the other day - I had created a new Zoom link and sent it to my contact at a store. Thirty minutes before the class was to open, I got a notification that the Zoom link was invalid. NO WAY!!! So, after a few phone calls and emails, the link was resent, and the class started 8 minutes later than it was supposed to. 

See? There is NO NEED TO PANIC about the Zoom link. 

Next time, in my email, I'll say they'll get the Zoom link no later than 60 minutes before the class starts, and let's see what happens. OK -- I'm done with that topic! Thanks for listening. 

I got the final medal for The Lord of the Rings Virtual Challenge. There were five segments for a total distance of 2,920 KM. I "walked" the extended version. 

The medals are well done; each medal comes in a nice box. 

The box with my medal

And the medal itself is HEAVY!!! 

The medal

AH -- there's the place for the ring we got on the first medal. This part lifts out of the Mountain of Doom and is the equivalent of throwing (destroying) the ring. 

A spot to hold the ring

This is the back of the medal. They are beautiful, but I've no idea what I'll do with them. I'll stockpile them in the pretty boxes, I suppose. 

The back of the medal

I'm onto the Wall of China and have walked 143 km since I started on January 29. I notice there are NO GOOGLE street views. And not even a single picture was posted by anyone. I just checked, and yes, there are some photos posted by others, just not where I am now. And I've almost walked 500 km since the beginning of the year! 

I'm not sure what is happening with the weather, but yesterday? That was a glorious day. I went for my afternoon walk in my sweatshirt, and when I arrived home, I was sweating! It was a stunning day!!

I had to swing by the post office to put something in the mail, and I also checked on this. Earlier in the week, I received a notice for a parcel, which I went and picked up. Then I got a card in the mail - FINAL NOTICE. Wait- can this be the same parcel? 

I checked the tracking number, and it's the same parcel -- they just didn't register that I picked it up. Seriously? I had to sign for it!!!

Final Notice for a package I already had

While there, I spotted this. Seriously?? Why would Canada Post sell this kind of envelope? I can imagine why people would want it. For selling drugs and shipping them across provincial or international borders - but isn't that illegal? So why would our government postal service sell envelopes, allowing that to happen? Oh - perhaps I'm missing something here. Good grief -- I just checked -- it's so that if you mail something smelly - the smell won't contaminate other mail items. 

A scent-blocking mailer

Murphy is DETERMINED to get the end off of that toy. It's surprising because she ignored this toy for many years, and suddenly, she needs to get that end off. She's not worried about the other end -- just the one. She's almost succeeded. 

MOM -- I've almost got the end off

And the little guy was just hanging out. I think he was mad at me as I gave him a semi-bath. He's a very messy eater with his disgusting (in my opinion) canned dog food and no teeth. But the sun was out, and this was a nice warm place to dry off. 

Just chilling and missing my MOM!!!

Murphy is back at her antics with the pond. There are no balls to throw in the pond, so the teddy bear got tossed in. The ice in the pond is almost gone, and I had to fish the darn bear out so he wouldn't freeze in the ice. I will have to fence around that small planter as she thinks it's HER outdoor bed. 

MOM -- oops - the bear fell in

I was busy sewing yesterday -- yes -- me -- actually sewing! And I was making significant progress on a paper-pieced pattern. Then, I spotted this box in the stash room. It's a wine bottle box and FILLED with paper-pieced quilt patterns. I'd better sew faster! 

MORE paper-pieced patterns

Both presentations are done for today, and the Zoom links are SENT! I just need to find a pair of reading glasses, and I'll be ready. 

Well, it's time to get ready for the day. It's still warm outside - this is pretty freaky weather, and while we can enjoy it now, what are the consequences of this for the summer? 

Have a super day!!



  1. "Funny" comes to mind about Zoom links. I check email for my Zooms about 30minutes prior to "start time". I click to be sure it goes through so that if I need to troubleshoot, I can still make it on time. Totally support your rant!!

    Happy sewing :-)

  2. For multi session zoom calls I add the link right in my calendar entry. Although you spoil us delivering it to our inbox, I don’t always use the link in my calendar.