Monday, February 26, 2024

It's all about the dogs!

It was a busy day, but I don't have much to show for it! Unless you want to watch the video of our digital cutter class. Last year, the session was one hour, which never seemed enough. This year, I added 15 minutes. Yesterday, we went almost 30 minutes over that, and I have prided myself on NOT doing that in the past! Sigh!!!! 

But the information and the participation are amazing, so I don't want to NOT do it! It's not that I'm UNAWARE of going over. I'm very aware - I'll have to plan the lesson better, but I had several people sharing information, and I wanted to get that out there. 

Later today, I must finish the follow-up to all the weekend classes. I've been up for over an hour already and answered emails. 

I don't get it -- I have forwarded the Zoom links to everyone in all my classes. Since it's the same Zoom link, they should have it. Yet I received THREE emails yesterday from people saying they didn't get my reminder email. Well, they should NOT need a reminder email -- they have all the information, and all they have to do is go back to the saved link and open it up at the appropriate time. 

I've responded to them this morning, and hopefully, I won't get those emails in the future. And they send it two minutes AFTER the class starts. I'm on Zoom and NOT checking emails!!!! But we'll get it straightened out! 

I managed to get a customer quilt done, and all the quilts are trimmed. I need to get in touch with the owners so they can arrange to come and get them. So, that was a productive day! 

Customer quilt - DONE

Lexi had a productive evening the day before, as this is what I spotted in the living room. Occasionally, she finds a hole in that quilt and goes to town. I'm not sure how much batting is left in it!

Someone had fun with their quilt!

But she was pleased as punch about it. 

MOM -- Look at me - I HATE batting! 

I must look at that quilt; perhaps it's time to let it go! It's so huge anyway, I'm not a fan, but she likes it. And why does it get pulled out of the big, comfy bed instead of sitting on the floor? Hmm -- I might wash it, fold it in four, and SEW it shut. Then it won't be so unwieldy, and she can't get more batting out of it! Yep -- that's the pioneer spirit in me! 

And what about Little Bear! What happened to his hair? It was getting long, and somehow, he got food in it, so it was heavy and covered his eye. Since it was a busy day, I didn't have time to give him a bath, although he desperately needs it. He's starting to look grey, not white! I got out the scissors and gave him a quick trim!! He can see clearly now! 

GRANDMA -- are you there? I can't see you!!! 

And that Murphy is pretty sneaky when she wants to be. I can be downstairs by myself, busy working away. Then I turn around and she's watching me! She crept down the stairs and just sat there watching me. Creepy!!!!! And I'll find her anywhere - behind the long arm, in the middle of the main room. I never know when she's going to pop up!

MOM - I got your back! 

As usual, we had a great time on the Virtual Retreat Zoom call. There's so much information sharing and great conversations, and, well, it's such fun to open the call to people in various places! I've met some wonderful people through the Virtual Retreat, which allows one to keep in touch with people who have moved away! 

It will be a busy week, and I didn't get everything completed on my list from last week. So, I have to make the to-do worksheet for this week later this morning. I think the sheet is helping me stay focused on the tasks for the week, which is good, and so far, I'm not scrambling at the last minute. It also helps that there are fewer classes, but there still doesn't seem to be enough time to complete everything!!! 

I'm off to spin class. Then we have Monday sewing, and after that, I'll be back at the computer trying to clean up the emails from the weekend! Well, those that I need to forward to people. And the task list for this week needs to be completed. I have ONE week of relatively quiet, and next week, I have loads of Zooms and will for three weeks in March. Yikes!!!!

On that note, I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!!!


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  1. People have blinders on in this me-centric culture that has burgeoned this century. They want to be served not accountable! Grrrrrrr