Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Get a library card!

I need to renew my passport which expires in June. I had so much trouble printing out the form -- of course I did! I must have filled the darn thing out 10 times before the stars aligned and the form was printed! So I'll drop it off today. How many hours will I wait? 

I could mail it, but I'd rather know immediately if there is an issue with any part of the application process. 

We had Monday sewing and it's always fun! I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but I made progress and that's all that counts. 

So yesterday was a day about books!! I stopped at the library simply for something to do! How sad is that? But the library is a fascinating place and you never know what you're going to find. Plus, it's on my walk. So I started by searching the catalogue -- remember when we had those little index cards? I love those index cards! 

Wait a minute -- there's a brand new catalogue! I knew it was coming, but this is cool. More information about the location of books and well, it's different, but in a good way!! The catalogue online hasn't changed - at least when I check from home, but from the library? WOW!!!

I got a chuckle as the majority of books that I was looking for were only available as AUDIOBOOK or EBOOKS!!! Wow -- and many of them were available only on Hoopla. Hoopla is a library resource that your library has to subscribe to and our library does not seemed to have scrimped on their subscription as we have access to so much on Hoopla. 

There will NEVER be an end to entertainment with a library card! If you don't have one, you should get one!!! 

I listen to audiobooks on my phone, and I'll view ebooks on my iPad. I haven't used my iPad a lot, so I downloaded the app to my iPad. Thankfully, Hoopla syncs between devices so that helps remember what is where. 

Digital resources on the iPad

Here's another chuckle. I was searching for books on Design Space (Cricut's software) and I found 10 books in Hoopla. Eight of them were audiobooks! Hmmm--- how helpful is a software manual in audio format? I'll download one, just to check it out!!! 

Yikes -- one could spend so much time checking out resources. There is only one danger to all this. I am doing this research to learn and then I pass the learning onto my classes. Which I'm OK with. But when the group becomes dependent on ME to do all the research? Hmmmm---- they can Google just as easily as I can! Perhaps, I need to back off or I need to find a happy medium - maybe I need a reward system for those that Google and then experiment? 

The bottom line is that only some of us are curious about things in the world and DRAT - I spotted a book at the library about curiosity. I didn't get it yesterday, but I think I might go back today. It looked like a fun read. Kids are curious - most adults are not. Why is that? We should be asking questions and trying to learn new things by exploring. Perhaps our society is killing that in kids today. Everything is spoon fed, so there's no need for them to learn. 

I think the most important tool that anyone can teach to another person is the ability to learn to learn! I might be failing in that by giving too much help, but I can see the lightbulb turn on for some and that's reward for me! I MUST make sure that everything I pass along is a step forward, but not ALL the steps. I will have to reign myself in on that one! 

While on the Monday call, I was sorting stuff. Well, I was digging out some handwork. I have this small Sue Spargo kit (wool applique) and it's time to get it done. I made a start by also digging out my Sue Spargo book on stitching. 

Supplies for Sue Spargo applique (wool)

She likes to use Eleganza thread (three weights - 3 - 5 - 8) (it's her thread produced by Wonderfil) so I assembled all that I won. It's now all in one bag, which is a huge start. 

My Eleganza thread

After gently chiding others not to go down multiple paths, I was chided to NOT start something new or go down a new path. And I'm not - I already own this! So it's OK if I want to stitch it. I won't have time for weeks to even look at it, so I'm OK with just sorting it out when I can get there. 

I got one more customer quilt done and it's trimmed. It was nice to work on something small for a change! 

Customer quilt - DONE

The next one is loaded on the machine and of course, it's a giant! But I'm working my way through the quilts and soon I can start working on some Quilts of Valour - if I get time. 

The weather was glorious yesterday and I went for a walk. Then when I got home, I had to sit in the backyard and enjoy the sunshine with the girls and the boy! Murphy is getting quite jealous (fed-up) with all the attention the little guy gets. She has become super clingy and loves to WALK right where you are walking. It's very annoying. Lexi? She just wants to be petted. 

Quality time with the boy and one girl

So maybe, on a nice warm day, I can get outside in the gazebo and work on that Sue Spargo project. I hate to waste a beautiful day when we can be outside. When I walked, I only wore a sweatshirt and wasn't cold in the least. I think today will be the same. The weather is crazy and while we're enjoying this warmth, we are going to pay later for the lack of moisture! 

OH -- I should say that I finally finished reading a book last night. I would NOT recommend this book to anyone and I'm not sure how it got on my list. It's called Breaking and Entering by Don Gillmor and I have no idea what the point of the book was. It was depressing -- NOTHING in the book went right for the main character - it was one disappointment after another. I swear I was getting depressed while reading it. I didn't want to stop reading it because I thought - it has to have some happiness in it, but it did NOT!!! 

Well, it's time to get moving and get the day started!! Get out

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast TexasFebruary 28, 2024 at 7:18 AM

    I agree about the wonders of a library! Sweet Miss Murphy 😻😻😻😻, she has to be the most beautiful golden I have ever seen!! You are very blessed 😇