Saturday, February 24, 2024

Simplicity is key!

In case some of you are getting random responses from me -- I'm trying to catch up on all the comments from the blog! Bear with me -- I should catch up soon!

Somewhere recently, I heard someone say that one of the generations (I don't remember which one, and I'm so confused as to who is whom anyway!) Well, the idea was that you are old if you carry a WALLET! Now, I don't think anyone should generalize about age because of something we carry! For the record, it has been years since I last used a wallet. This is what I use instead. 

My card holder

Someone gave this to me years ago. I do not remember who it was, but it's cute. It folds shut, but it has two sides when you open it up. I have culled my cards and only keep those that I actually use in there. I'm sure there is one or two that could probably go. What I'm surprised about is that it hasn't started to wear. I carry this in my pocket (I don't carry a purse either - only my reusable shopping bag if I need it). 

My card holder open

I was going to make a new one, but why? This one is still good! I have a leather one around here somewhere, so I should dig that one out, but I like this one!!!

I don't carry cash - what is cash? I haven't paid for anything with cash in years!! But I got a chuckle the other day while waiting in line to pay for my massage. And I guess it speaks volumes about the wallet comment. 

The man in front of me paid with his Apple Watch. The lady beside me paid with her phone!!! And yesterday, when I was out, one of the women in front of me had her cards in her phone case, while the young girl tucked her card under her phone in the case! So, I guess that person was right -- who needs a wallet? 

Speaking of phone cases, I'm not a fan of those that flip open, and you can store cards and such on one side. That gets heavy and messy! I don't want to carry that entire thing around the house. I'll keep my little cardholder, and I'm happy. If I go out in the summer and am wearing my butt bag - seriously -- we need to find a new name. I'll call it my runner's or hiking belt; I only take the cards I need - if I need anything. 

Many times, I'm out walking and have NO cards with me at all. Those are the days when I won't be shopping. And as for carrying a purse? I have my lovely Micheal Kors (do you know that purse is 12 years old? It is practically an antique!) But the stuff people carry in their purse is obscene. When I go out, I need a key fob for the car (if driving), and my little card holder (if shopping), and that's it! I don't need anything else. We do not need keys to get into our house, so there is no need to carry keys. 

I like to travel light! It's just like your house - the more stuff you carry, the more likely you are to lose something, the more likely you'll forget something, and it's more stuff to manage. I want simplicity in my life!!!!

I'm giving the book away on organizing your studio. I don't think I need it now, but I'm having a quick read through it before it goes. I've accomplished almost everything she is going through, but this is an INVENTORY page for your stuff. Yikes -- she has you working out cubic feet for fabric storage and books and patterns!!! I did NOT get that sophisticated in my process, but it's a good process, and hopefully, in the end, you have room for everything! 

Inventory for the quilting supplies

I don't know if you can read this paragraph from that book. But I had to laugh -- yep -- it's painful to sort and organize and put "like" things together. But boy or boy -- it makes it super easy to tidy things up! If you click on the pictures, you can make them bigger. 

ACK -- parting is such sweet sorrow

I managed to get everything put away yesterday in Studio B. Well, but that's not entirely true. I have some more Zoom presentations in March - a LOT of them, so I decided to leave the samples sitting out on a spare table. Then I don't have to walk them upstairs and then go and get them again. I'm not sure I'll need them, but just in case. 

I managed to get ONE more piece of Tequila Lime stitched. I swear it was not my day to sew yesterday, and I had to rip two pieces out for being careless in their placement. But one more section is done, and only six to go. Perhaps this afternoon, I can finish them off. It's time to get to work on the next month's homework!

One B section for Tequila Lime

I got mail!!!

My package arrived

It was the backing fabric for the playmat quilt. The entire backing will be the same fabric and coordinate with the front. It's a gift, so I'm OK going to that trouble, and thanks to Mary, I found the coordinating fabric. And thanks to Ottawa Valley Fabric for having the fabric still around. This fabric came out in 2016. 

The backing fabric for the Playmat quilt

Now, the rest will go to a good home, where a special little boy will have two connector playmats and coordinating fabric for the backing. As mentioned before, there are two extra panels, which I do NOT need. I could have made a quilt for Project Linus, but I decided to give it to someone I know will use it!!! See -- I am downsizing!!! It's a slow process, but I'm good with the pace. 

Fabric to be donated 

I managed to get a customer quilt, but it took forever. There was nothing wrong with the quilt; it was me. I was in slow-motion mode yesterday. 

Customer quilt

I also had to go to the mall to get my passport photos taken. My passport expires in a few months, and I NEED to keep it up-to-date. So, I have some things to correct on my application and hope to pop into the office this coming week. I was going to do it by mail, but I'll go to the office to hopefully speed things along. 

I snapped this photo on my way to the mall. Loads of construction in the area, and I'm always amazed when I see those big boom arms for pouring concrete! What a job that must be to keep clean!!! I love how they are still building the top yet starting to add walls to the outside along the bottom. 

Construction near the mall

I had to wait for the passport photos, so what do I do with 20 minutes? I went next door and had an apple pie crepe!!! My afternoon snack, which I did not need!!! But it was good, and I had a chance to browse the magazines I had bought at Indigo along the way. I also saw that this photo place processes film, so with M's blessing, I dropped off that roll of film. I'll get the photos on a USB stick, so we'll see what the pictures are!!!

Apple pie crepe

The CDs are sorted. The envelopes/pouches were saved, and that is one more task off my plate. I managed to get half of the stuff off the floor beside my chair, and I hope to do more today. 

Sorting the CDs

Hmm - someone is digging in my backyard. It must be the skunks looking for grubs or whatever they dig for. There are little holes everywhere!!!! 

Visitors digging holes!

I may have to give my wind mobile a quick straighten - it looks like it's leaning a wee bit. I still love it even after all the time it's been there, and I do NOT regret buying it!!!

My perpetual window machine!

Here is one of the girls and the boy! He absolutely LOVES to sit in the window, and I can see his head in the window from down the street. Getting into that bed on the stairs is NO big deal for him!! He's a big boy! Thank goodness we found a solution because otherwise, he would drive us nuts with wanting to get in bed and not being able to!!!

The sentinel and the spare

It was a sad walk with Murphy yesterday. We spotted a neighbor who lost her golden to a fungal infection last year. She's been fostering a puppy (also a golden), and he was beautiful. A month ago, she got word that she could keep him. Then, four days ago, he turned on her. He tried to bite her wrist and knocked her down. She is surrendering him today back to the rescue. So there were the two of us crying on the street. I'm so sad for her, but I will offer that she can walk Lexi whenever she wants a dog to walk. I won't let her have Murphy - she's too unruly!

But why would the dog turn like that? It's like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde - one minute fine, the next he's mad. I feel so badly for her. Two dogs in a very short time. It's hard!!!

I have one presentation this morning, and it's all good to go. It's the final show and tell on the panel class we had in the fall. I'm very pleased with the participation rate!!! It's nice to see so many finished projects - even if some are simple! It's all about the act of completing something!!!
It's Virtual Retreat later today. 

Here's the link for today - February 24 - starts at 6 PM

oin Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 898 1648 3795
Passcode: 248667

And here's the link for tomorrow - February 25 - Starting at NOON - but we might be a bit late as I have a digital cutter class just before, and I feel it will run over this month. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 829 8351 7671
Passcode: 117636

Have a super day, and hope to see you at the Virtual Retreat!!!


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  1. I suspect your little wallet may have come from the Hobby Horse. I too have a similar one from there, it was all the rage a few years ago.