Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A is for applique!!!!!!!!!!

While I love applique, any applique projects seem to get put on the back burner.  No idea why - just happens that way.  I am teaching an applique course at The Hobby Horse. It is one of the on-going projects and I am behind!  Plain and simple - I am behind.

We offered the students a choice of two patterns by Buggy Barn and I like them both. So yes - I am doing both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Farm Fresh - by Buggy Barn

Garden Party - by Buggy Barn

Both of these are big quilts, but fortunately the applique pieces are big.

I have been piddling around with the pieces and trying to get some of the prep work done on Mondays.  This past weekend, I decided it is time to get serious about this. So after spending all day Monday ironing seams, I got home and was still fired up.

And how much space does one need to do applique????   LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     If I have the room - I will spread out!!!!!

My new set tool set - Perfect Ovals.  I love the Perfect Circles so when it came to doing some ovals, my first choice was to use steam a seam - then I thought about the Perfect Ovals and VOILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    it worked just as slick as the Perfect Circles

Amazing and I even did smaller ones than this and they were PERFECT. 

If you want to get Perfect Circles (two sizes) or Perfect Ovals or Perfect Stems - all by Karen K. Buckley - Check this out for more information.................   Karen K. Buckley

But that got me to thinking about other areas that cause problems. Like the ends of that blobby shape above.  You could use the perfect circles or ovals and baste just the tip of the piece.  I bet it will work like a charm.  And there are the stripes on the cat - oh boy - I want to try another idea!!!!!!  

Anyway - after MANY years (started this quilt (Farm Fresh) way before we chose it for this year's on-going project) - the first three blocks are done.   OK - I LIE.   The BLOOM block needs a bit of embroidery, and the other two need to be stitched down. Still - this is major progress. 

Pulled out Block Four - the pieces were prepped and now the pieces are glued in place. I still have a couple of small pieces to prepare and will do needleturn?????   or fuse them down???   Got to see how excited I am later today. 

My templates - seems a shame to throw them away, but I will NOT be making this quilt again.   Don't bother asking for them - it is garbage day and they are already gone!    But I am sharing the templates of the other quilt (Garden Party) with one of the students.  She is new to applique and not having to trace and cut the templates will help her out a bit. 

I have four of the blocks for the other quilt almost prepped and ready to glue down. That may happen later today?????   I was so excited about my progress, I could barely get to sleep last night.   That is just sad!!!!!

Well I had to shove some of the applique stuff aside and get the binding on the John Deere quilt.

Make room for the sewing machine

And now the John Deere quilt has the binding on

Got the fans for Vintage Moments trimmed and ready to sew - that is going in the retreat bag! A perfect thing to sew on the retreat. 

I have THREE favourite rulers - the 8 1/2" by 24", the 6" by 12" and the 6 1/2" square.  I have many 6 1/2" squares, but only one each of the other two. The other day I went to cut something and could not find the 6" by 12".  Where could I have put it????   I had had people over, but I doubt that any of them would take it, but it was possible that it got tucked in one of their bags by error.

Hmmmm - oh well - hopefully it will show up. Otherwise - I do have a spare!!!!!

Then I went to get ready to teach a bag class on Sunday. I opened the box and OH MY - what is this????

Do you see what I see?????

Do you see it now?????

Yup - there was my 6" by 12" ruler!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I tucked it in the box to help with the class.   It is now tucked back in the ruler holders on my cutting table.   This is a BIG problem - I shove things into project boxes, get caught up in other things and then I forget what happened to the tools.  I guess one day - I could go through all the project boxes to try and find other missing stuff. Although I don't think I am really missing anything - well not that I know of!!!!!

Got some research to do today. All part of the upcoming big surprise which if things go well - will be unveiled next Monday!!!!!    I am pretty excited about it all. Stay tuned for that.

On that note - I have a LOT to get done today and I had better get started!!!!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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