Thursday, May 29, 2014

HexaGONE crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know how it is - a simple gesture. An innocent comment and next thing you know - an explosion!!!!   And I have to blame someone!  I am not sure who I am going to blame this time - but there are TWO culprits - Diane and Tish!

Remember a couple of weeks back that Diane wanted to try making hexagons - the English paper piecing way.

OK - so I know these are NOT hexagons, but Diane has one for hexagons as well as the circle!  

Remember - I went out and purchased the same little cases

And I suppose I could be accused of aiding and abetting Diane since I purchased extra hexagons for her

BUT look what happened yesterday............................

Oh yes - Tish got in on the hexagon craze and she has a nice collection started.  Diane's are 3/4", Tish is using 1"

So I had to pull out my hexagons. Note the nice little box that I copied from Diane - My hexagons are 1/2". I know - stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    And I have loads of fabric cut - just waiting to be made into hexagons. It is now in the retreat bag. 

I offered one of my little cases to Mary - but she did NOT like my colours!!!!   However Sharon was quite happy with the pink one and is going to put her embroidery floss in it.

Because look what Linda has in her box - yep - all her embroidery floss.  What an awesome idea!!!!!   I wonder what colour Mary is going to buy?????   This purple one?????

Diane had quite a few cases in her bag - I am not sure we saw all her projects.

And all this started way back when we were chatting about mini-quilts and one of the quilts in a book I showed the group was made with little hexagons. And that's how crazes start!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another awesome day with the embroidery group. I am making progress - another block done.  OK - one of these days, I will take a picture of my blocks.  I think I am down to 10 left?  I seem to get one done each time we meet - yes - they are small.

Got a little bit of work done on my Vintage Moments..................

Vintage Moments - just missing that last corner - a tiny bit of applique on it - then I can put it in the quilt. And guess what - this is UP TO DATE!!!!!!   But there are 16 eight pointed stars that have to be fussy cut and that is going to be the death of me!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I have a ton of work to get done today and I had better get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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