Friday, May 2, 2014

Life is a CHALLENGE!!!

Yep - seems that everyday we are presented with new challenge. Something breaks down, traffic, kids - you name it - life is full of challenges.

The talk I gave at the Elmira guild on Monday night was about challenges, but QUILTING challenges. Now sometimes the challenges of life are way easier to solve than quilting challenges - come on - how many of you have a project that has gotten tossed into the back of the closet because you do not know what to do with it???   We all have them.

However there is another kind of quilting challenge that is FUN!

Tish and I are putting together the challenge kits for the Mississauga Guild. After a frantic week, we acquired the fabric at 8 PM on Wednesday.  We spent some time yesterday morning getting things ready to sell the kits last night.

Cutting fabric number one into FQ

Cutting fabric number two into FQ

OOOPS - missed a picture of fabric number three. And how could I miss that - it is ORANGE!!!!

There is Tish busy folding FQ.   Hmmm I was sitting across the table from her. Do you see something strange about how we folded the fabric????
Yes - Tish stacked her piles with the blue on top
And I stacked with the orange on top!!!!!

Anyway - we made up 32 kits, sold a good portion of them last night. Have enough fabric to make more kits which we will do as needed.    Our theme????   OOPS - I just love that theme. Sorry - it is for our guild members only, but do come to the show to see the results.

A HUGE thank-you to Northcott Fabrics for the fabric.  We are very lucky to have a fabric company - a GOOD QUALITY fabric company in Canada. I do love their stuff and the Stonehenge lines are very popular. I must find a way to get some of that green - I LOVE it.

If you are looking for Northcott in our area - Ruti's sells it. Enjoy - it is lovely fabric.   I know - I have to convince Ruthi to bring in that bolt of green even though I don't want an entire bolt.

I also got some quilting done.

This is the quilt that I got done the day before, but shared the backing with another quilt (Hopscotch)

The second quilt (this is a Bonnie Hunter pattern) - I can't remember which one, either bargello or trip around the world in the free patterns. 

And JUST enough backing for the two quilts. I like that

Both together on a shared backing

An amazing spin class today.  It is funny how everyone has "their" bike. I like to sit in the front so I can have the light of the movie screen light up the monitor on the bike without have to turn on the bike light while riding. Well the last couple of classes, SOMEONE is sitting on my bike.   No big deal - there are 69 other ones to choose from!  But the bike I got on this morning was tippy and I had already adjusted it so I hopped on. Liz (the instructor) saw I was wobbling and came over and leveled the bike while I was riding it. How is that for service!!!!!!!!!!!    Thanks Liz!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I have a ton of paperwork to get done today and more quilting.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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