Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stormy weather!

We had an interesting night at our house last night.  About 4 AM - BOOM - CRASH - FLASH!!!!!   Yikes - a thunder storm. Oh dear - Sparky is terribly afraid of thunder these days and she is not able to maneuver the stairs in the dark.  I was very tired and I am lying there thinking I should get up and go rescue her wherever she is. Next thing I know she is in the bedroom.  She had slowly and quietly made her way up the stairs.   Poor thing was trembling like a leaf in a hurricane.

So I had to get up, run downstairs and pray she didn't follow me. Grabbed her Thunder Jacket and one of her blankets and ran back upstairs.  Bundled her into the Jacket and threw the blanket over her.  But do you think I could move her????   She was RIGID with fear and wouldn't move. At last she relaxed enough to lay down on the dog bed on the floor. A couple of times, I lay down with her as she was not a happy dog.

However the storm eventually passed and everything is OK now.  Poor Sparky!!!!!    Must be terrible to get old, legs don't work well and to be frightened at the same time. Oh well - she will just need some extra love today.

Things are getting done around there and has NOTHING to do with the gardening or house work.

Remember this quilt that was on the wall in pieces - just last week????

Well it got quilted last week

I got the binding on it the other night

Also got the binding on the other three quilts that I made for the Outreach Program for the Halton Hills Quilt Guild.  all four of them were delivered yesterday.   Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Four quilts off the shelf!!!!!!

That freed up the wall so this went on - remember?????

New quilt on the wall. 

This is what it looked like yesterday afternoon when I got home
And this is what it looks like now.   All the blocks are together - I am going to put a dark brown inner border on and still deciding on what the outer border should be?  Red? Green????   I see a road trip in the near future to visit a store that has similar fabric. I want this done!!!!!!!!!!
But it wasn't done until I had done a little bit of reverse sewing. Despite my best efforts to not have like fabrics touching - it happened!!!!!   That little block got ripped out and switched with the one beside it!!!!
Speaking of ripping - I had a VERY productive day yesterday. I got the rest of the Amish with a Twist ripped out!!!!    Ready to trim those sashings to the correct length and resew it back together. 
Also got the foundation papers for the Vintage Moment fans ready for the paper piecing!
The only thing I had taken with me to Monday Motivators was a bag of half square triangles that needed to be trimmed. I hadn't been able to get anything else prepped.  So I pressed these and got them trimmed - ALL of them.    They are the cut offs from making the chevrons for the most recent Bonnie Hunter mystery. 
Baggie with trimmed half square triangles. YES - they are tiny. I trimmed to 1 1/4" UNFINISHED. No idea what I will do with them yet. I will find something when the mood hits me. 
In the meantime - I realize that I left some of the sewn ones at home (they are in the lid of this container) and the unsewn ones are in the bottom part. Still a LOT to deal with.   This was/is my ender/leader project while I was waiting to cut the blue fabric for the last clue of the Bonnie Hunter mystery.

Speaking of that last clue - I decided to cut the missing pieces last night. Now of course - I had used part of it for a demo last week and who knows where I put that ruler. I searched through all the material for the demo and NO GO, but thankfully I still had the fabric and another Easy Angle tool so I was in business.   I had to laugh as I was cutting the fabric - anyone remember this store?????   They have been closed a LONG LONG time. The fat quarter still had the tag stapled to it. 
And I don't think Northcott calls themselves Northcott Silk anymore!!!!!!
But I got some blue triangles cut and I am working madly away at something else and so getting these done as well as ender/leaders. 
My Mom LOVED her quilt. Although she hasn't seen it in person yet.  I knew she would love the fact that I used up scraps of batting and binding to finish it off. Here are the scrap pieces of binding
And here is the binding made - just have to trim the quilt. Got busy with something else - NO time for trimming. I will share that tomorrow. 
Had to laugh - as I unpacked the stuff from Monday and put it away, the last thing remaining was my water bottle.  I must have stepped around that thing for a long time before I picked it up and put it on the table.!!!!   Never even noticed it!!!!

Here is the visual TO DO list. Looks a bit smaller than it was - thanks to getting rid of those four quilts. But there is still a LOT on the table. But I am having so much fun - I don't care how quickly this stuff gets done. 

Here are a couple of show n tell from other people............   (got lots more to show - just not enough time to edit it all)

Karen is working on this scrappy diagonals.   I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Claudettes' weekend bag - this is her second and it is gorgeous!!!!!!

And today's backyard picture????  

This crow is giving me the evil eye!!!!!

On that note - I have some research that I have to do before an appointment this morning.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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