Thursday, May 22, 2014

More show n tell.................

We had a great day sewing on Monday. Since it was a holiday we did not have regular Monday Motivators, but I offered my studio and we had a full house. Everyone was working on their homework for some of the ongoing classes. As usual, loads of laughs and LOTS of work got done.

 I love that lightbulb moment when people figure out to solve their own problems. I am not going to show you that show n tell until the class on Saturday.

However I will have to warn people that they are NOT allowed to bring OTHER projects for show n tell.  It has happened on numerous occasions where someone brings out a quilt to show and I either have the kit, pattern or a UFO.  In this case - I had the kit. Have a look.............

Kaleidescope quilt by Elaine M  - I just LOVE this quilt. 

The first quilt shop I ever went to was Quilter's Fancy in Toronto.  I remember walking into that shop and my jaw dropped. Seeing the fabrics sorted by colour - well I had never seen so many blues together, yellows, reds, etc.  I was in LOVE.   Well I saw this kit on my first or second visit to the store. I remember hesitating to purchase it. The cost was around $80.  How could I justify spending that much money on a kit?

Oh boy - times have changed!!!   Anyway - I was able to whip that project off the shelf  (in the stash room) in about 5 seconds. I love an organized space!!!!!

My kaleidescope kit

The pattern was from South Seas Import and I believe the fabrics match the pattern

From what Elaine said it was a bit of a challenge to assemble the top since it was made with 9 inch squares, NOT strips.    But now that I have seen it complete - I want to make mine too!!!!!!!!

 I think I am going to have to ban all people named Elaine from my studio!  Because another Elaine wants me to work on a different quilt with her. It is also a kit but NOT as old as the Kaleidescope.

Remembrance Poppies by Pam Bono

I did have the kit out at one point. Hmmmmm - well I am looking for something as a Thursday project and I am going on a retreat soon.   Hmmmmmmm................    Oh gosh - I have SO MUCH other stuff to do - I NEED 60 hours in a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However there are a few good Elaines in the world. They are the ones that take stuff off my plate.

Another Elaine is working on those tractor placemats.   (I know - when I grew up I was the only Elaine that I knew). Now - I know LOTS of people named Elaine.
Tractor placemats

Well I had FOUR of those placemats - two with kids on them and two without. I wanted only the ones without the kids so I am giving her the two with kids. I was hoping to have three of the ones without the kids, but she had already made up all the panels. No worry - they are gone so I am NOT going to have to deal with those extra panels. Thanks to all the ELAINES - you keep life interesting!!!!

This is what I am giving away

And this is what I am keeping!!

Then I have other friends who add to the stash issue and I LOVE them all.................

Got TWO of these Halloween panels and they are HUGE.   Just add an extra border and VOILA - two big quilts for Halloween.   Thanks Ronda!!!!!!!!!!!!

And some nice warm flannel with bikes on it!!!!!

It has been a couple of crazy days with lots of classes. Here are some NON class show n tell.........

This is a memory quilt - let's just say that I am very happy that I am NOT quilting this one. There are loads of areas that are going to be very interesting to quilt. 

Judy brought in this quilt that was made by her mother in law. Appears I did NOT get a picture of the front. But I happened to be talking about mitered corners in the class - how appropriate.   It is a scrappy log cabin with a piano key border.   My favourite pattern and border.   Apparently the mother in law  was self taught and got books from the library. I know exactly which book she got - Quilt as you Go by Georgia Bonesteel  (Or Lap Quilting - I am not sure the name and there are several books by Georgia)

But it was very interesting how she dealt with those miters.   She quilted the borders - added them to the quilt and then just stitched the miter. She did tidy up the raw edges by stitching them.   Hey - there are many ways to solve a problem.   Thanks Judy for bringing in your family quilt.  And you can see some of the top in this picture. 

Diane made this big star quilt in a class at The Work Room (I think that is the name of the store). I love how that striped fabric twirls around the center star.  She used very modern fabric and it looks awesome. 

I think I mentioned that I finally got the John Deere quilt quilted!!!!

John Deere quilt - DONE - well quilted. 

Here is the quilting pattern

Warm plush on the back
And that Sparky!!!!    She is getting very bad with noise, thunder and lightening. She plopped herself right down on the floor while I quilted and she was RIGHT where I needed to stand when I advanced the quilt.   Oh well - we managed.  She just LOVES that Thunder Shirt though. I think she would wear it all the time if we let her!!!!!

I love getting ideas from everyone and this is an excellent idea which I will pass onto you.  Diane likes little projects - hand work projects.  She purchased this small photo box from Michaels

Diane's little project box.   Much better than a Ziploc as there are NO holes to get poked by scissors or pins. It is a sturdy little case and Diane placed a strip of magnet on the lid to hold her sewing needle.   

I liked the idea so much that - well I had to get some too...............

Four little hand work cases. Now I have to find something to put in them.   Easy to keep in the purse and have a project to go!

Finished up another block on my embroidery project.  Now the blocks are not that big and I seem to get one done a week - no time outside of embroidery club to work. See - a definite need for those 60 hours a day!   Just that this project has a LOT of little blocks and I think there are still 12 ?????     Oh well - doesn't matter  - it is a Christmas quilt and there is LOTS of time before Christmas - right??

My bags are packed and I am ready for my road trip today!!!!!!!!!!!!    Going to be fun fun fun!!!!  and I have my shopping list with me as well.

On that note - I am out of here.

Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I love the kaleidoscope, Elaine. I have done Pam Bono's poppy quilt, and it goes together really well, but there is one miscue, unless you got revised instructions in the kit. Check her website, where she gives corrections for all of her pattern, if necessary. I gave it to my SIL, who served in Afghanistan, and have another half cut out, to give to my another daughter and her DH who were in the Militia for many years.

    Love all the show and tell, and all the quilts you make. Makes me feel quite lazy.