Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nothing runs like a Deere - take two!!!!

A week ago, I posted on my blog about the John Deere fabric.
So - YES - I have a bundle of leftover tractor fabric

Sorted out all the yellow/green/brown John Deere

Efficiently cut it into strips
Only this much leftover from most of the pieces

However I did not have enough to make a quilt.

I posted that this is what I have

And I posted the following pictures of stuff that I could use....................

I didn't hear from anyone. I was only looking for stuff that people had in their stashes.  Well - no one owned up to having John Deere fabric in their stash, so I guess shopping is in order.  I e-mailed Carol - could she shop at US Wal-Mart or Joann for me?   Yep - she could stop by, so she was on standby for that. I was even tempted to drive to the US myself last weekend to shop, but then my kid told me to relax - it will all fall into place in due time.   My kid is smart because her advice made me think about other options.

Hmmmm - I know someone who is an avid quilter and lives on a farm. She has grandchildren and I bet that she has John Deere fabric.  Called her up and she says - "Well I think I have some scraps" as she did make a John Deere quilt at some point.

If this is what Diane calls SCRAPS - I would hate to see her stash!!!!!   Let's just say that if you think I have a lot of fabric in my stash room - I think Diane has a stash HOUSE!!!!

Diane's collection of John Deere fabric!!!!

I decided to NOT include any blue in the quilt so that eliminated some of her scraps, but there were enough different ones that I could get what I wanted.

Everything got cut and organized and ready to sew. This was Monday evening...............

All laid out and ready to sew

Got the little strips all sewn into FIVE big long strips

And I want to incorporate this panel strip into the quilt

The long strips were cut into lengths measuring 59"  (so it will fit on a plush backing without having to piece the plush). I cut lucky - look how much was left!!!!
I was able to get FOUR widths of the quilt from each of the five long strips.

The panel with the big tractors had a blue strip on the bottom which I did not want. so I cut it off and added some brown

So it looks like this - added my leftover strips - there was just enough - I had about 2 inches leftover. 

I did NOT really calculate this out - just roughly and it all went together like a charm!!!!!!

Here is the finished quilt - OH CRUD - there are two pieces on the right in the middle that I don't want together

Ah - that is better - my seam ripper is sure getting a good workout these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I acquired an ENTIRE bolt of this emerald green plush. Not exactly the colour I thought I was getting, but it will be perfect for the John Deere quilt. 

And I will make bias binding out of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The big square is cut - just have to make two seams and cut the strips!!!!!

And there is my John Deere quilt. If I was smart - I would whip it on the machine and get it quilted TODAY.  Hmmmm  - it is possible.

 I have a few scraps of John Deere fabric leftover - they are very small and I will use them in the border of the next tractor quilt. Yes - I see another FIVE tractor quilts in the wings.  Seriously????   How does this happen??????  I am using stuff up from my stash so I feel good about that. It may not be what is on my shelf and I'm OK with that - I really have no purpose for making any of these quilts - they are just something to sew.

 I have a shopping trip planned tommorrow - I am planning to buy ONLY what I need - so I will be doing some cutting this afternoon and then - I can easily whip up those five quilts - get them done and NEVER make a tractor quilt again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I have stuff to do today and I had better get started.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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