Saturday, May 17, 2014

Seek and ye shall find........................

One day earlier this spring, the girls and I were out for a walk and we ended up at HomeSense. I love browsing that store just to see what new stuff is in. I spotted a ceramic frog that would be perfect for the back yard. It was ORANGE, but since it was bulky and heavy and I was on foot with the dogs - I left the frog. I meant to go back, but I forgot. When I did remember - the frog was gone and there was only a green one left. I didn't want the green one so I didn't get the frog, but I put a note on my blog about the frog hoping that one day someone would see the frog and let me know.

Now let me backtrack a bit more. Mary recently won a new SMART PHONE.  It was a contest on the radio and you had to write in why you wanted a new phone. Let's just say that Mary deserved the phone and it is a beauty!!!!!

It is an HTC (OK - so not my favourite brand), but it is a top of the line with all the bells and whistles and even interchangeable colour things for the ends.  Nice prize Mary!!!!!

It is an Android phone and Mary is pretty adept at that platform having a Kobo reader - or whatever this is - she has told me several times and I can't remember!!!!!!!!!!!    anyway - she had no trouble going from a DUMB phone to a SMART phone.

Mary's reader!

OK - all that to tell you that I got a call from Mary two weeks ago. "Quick - check your e-mail." (She didn't have my cell phone number so she could send me a text although she has since learned how to send picutres as attachments to a text!   She is a fast learner and her kids don't even live at home any more to help!!!!

She had been out browsing and look what she found..............

Is this the frog???? Nope

Is this the frog????    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aw - the wonders of technology!!!!

I decided to check out my local HomeSense to see if more frogs had come in...........

Well yes - more did come in.
the yellow ones

The green one


Light blue

And red ones - BUT not a single orange one!!!!!!!!!!!  So happy that Mary spotted the orange one 

Now the frog is sitting near the pond.  He tested out a couple of spots before he found one that he preferred.

This is beautiful - I can see myself in the water - I love this. 
Oh - this is even better - I have just a smidgen more protection so no one can accidentally knock me in the pond

Froggy frog!!!!!

Old spot.................

Preferred spot!!!!!!!!
Thanks thanks thanks Mary - I so appreciate you keeping an eye out for the frog (and the fabric)!!!!!!!

Now I have been doing other hunting and seeking and you will hear some of those stories. But I have a class to teach this morning so must get everything organized. And someone (OK - some idiot) is lighting up fireworks at 3 AM this morning and I couldn't get back to sleep!! I think a nap will be in order later today.

I trimmed my Mom's quilt this morning. I was dreading it because the edges were a bit wonky and no real guide to trim it. Well I did have to cut some of the edges away, but it trimmed back almost perfect!!!!   Hard to believe. I will get the binding on later today.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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