Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just shoot me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There always seems to be so much going on - I just can't keep up!  New projects, new quilts, classes, sales, ACK - so much!!!!!!!    But I am having the time of my life - and that is all that counts.

I was chatting to a friend on Facebook - he is retired and boy - he is definitely enjoying his retirement!  So nice to see since many people, in particular men - just have nothing to do when they retire!

I promised that I would post pictures of our little side trips from last week.  On our way to Ailsa Craig - we just had to stop at The Quilt Place in Shakespeare.  I mean - it is NOT good for the circulation to be cooped up in the car for too long.

They have TWO exhibits going on right now at the store - Henny Bremer and her MINI MARVELS.  These mini quilts are just so beautiful.  Well worth a stop just for the mini quilts. And the second show is Practice Makes Perfect by the Shakespeare Quilt Club.  Again some wonderful ideas. The shows run until June 15 and if you are going that way - they are a must see.   I am NOT posting pictures - better if you go and see them.

However - we also had to have a peek at the shop. Oh dear - we did find a few goodies, but Tish and I were both on good behaviour and didn't do too much damage.  But (and if this ever happens again - just SHOOT me) look what I found..................

More tractor fabric and I bought a half meter.   This is it - NO MORE!!!!!!!   I plan to cut up the tractor stuff in the next couple of days and the rest (if there is any) - I am giving away.   I don't ever want to buy tractor fabric again!!!!!

Back in the car and well - by the time we reached Stratford, our legs were severely cramped (wink, wink)  and needed to stop for a stretch. Oh my - look - here is another quilt store. Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe. I am amazed that I remember where each of these stores are - I haven't been to them that many times!!!   However I had heard through the grapevine that some fabric that I wanted could be found here and my source was absolutely right!!!!!!!!

I purchased this kit from The Quilt Patch (Moose Jaw) at the CreativFestival but I wanted to make it larger. I got the lighter colours at Heart n Home and YES - the darker fabrics were at Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe!!!!!

Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Then back in the car and we finally arrived at our destination - The Ailsa Craig Quilt Festival - which as I blogged about last week was fabulous (It ended last week - but put the dates in your calendar for next year).  It is always funny how people can visit the same show and have such different out looks.  We booked a half day workshop, we planned some side trips, we planned on lunch, seeing the quilts, chatting with the vendors, taking pictures for personal use and strengthening friendships.  It was a super super day. I heard other people say that it was far to go for just the show. Well yes - it is far - that is why we planned all the other stuff to make it worthwhile!!!!!   Just me - the eternal optimist!!!!

Then to get home we took a different route and went through London - London, Ontario that is!!!!   Just so happens there is a Fabricland in London.  OH MY GOD - this is probably THE best Fabricland that I have been to. It is bright, it is big, it is spacious and the quilting cotton section is HUGE.  Oh my - could they possibly have my fabric??????  Rats - they did not. BUT look what I found.................

This was on the sale rack and I could NOT leave it behind. I am thinking One Block Wonder or Stack n Whack (Once you make one of those quilts - it is hard to get it out of your mind!!!!!!!!!!)

And then I saw this which was NOT on sale.  The pictures does NOT do it justice - it is just brilliant. 

Well I did some math in my head and of course the sales ladies were helping too.  As a member, I did get a discount, they gave us a coupon worth an additional 10% of our entire purchase (some company wide sale) AND I remembered I had my gift certificate for $46 that I had won at my local store as part of their birthday sale. Hmmmmmmm - more math and WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I walked out of there with TEN meters of gorgeous fabric and a really nice cushion cover (which I will show you another day - retail price $40 but was on sale) and I paid $56 including tax.  I thought that was a pretty decent deal!!!!!!

It is always fun to go shopping for others and Diane had asked us to be on the lookout for these. She has become hexagon crazy.
Mission accomplished - we found what she was looking for. 

And yes - I am getting some work done - but it is tough some days - there just seems to be so much to do.
Especially class samples  and already working on stuff for 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I know - I have to keep WAY ahead of the students and I am trying desperately to NOT have any UFOs by the end of the year for these ongoing projects.   ACK - that means THREE quilts that have to be done.  It is doable  - just have to remember to FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.

Customer quilt - DONE

And this is a cheater cloth for Dear Jane. I quilted up the sashings in four different ways so it would give the class last weekend an idea of which style they preferred.  It will be a good teaching sample for machine quilting.  I will finish up the quilting - cut it apart and finish off the edges.  

 Another crazy day and still lots of craziness to end the week - conference calls (part of the surprise), clubs, quilts to quilt, yard sales and well - it is going to be crazy - but FUN FUN FUN!!!!   Oh yes - I know I need to get more work done in the garden.

Oh yes - remember the Block of the Month that we are doing at the guild this year????   I saw THREE of them completed yesterday.  Oh MY - this is going to be such an amazing show n tell next week - I cannot wait!!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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