Friday, May 16, 2014

Move 'em out!!!

It is time to get the nose to the grind stone - I have quilts that have to be done.  There are quilts for customers, there are quilts for community projects and there are quilts for me.  The other day I was digging around in my TO BE QUILTED tubs and OH YES - I want to get them quilted!!!!!   There are quilt shows next year - got to make up my mind which ones need to be done for the shows.

The long arm is smoking these days. This is what I got done in the last couple of days.............

Customer quilt - Numer One - DONE

Then it was Wednesday - embroidery club day and Sandra was here using the machine so I worked on my John Deere quilt that afternoon.

Remember -

John Deere quilt

Back to work on more customer quilts...............

Customer quilt - Number Two - DONE
 Yes - same customer - both were quilted with the same pattern - feathers!!!!

Quilting design

I could take the rest of the day off and I did stop in at Ruti's for some show n tell - watch for it on Ruti's Facebook page.

When I got home - I was still fired up for quilting so I loaded the next community project quilt on the machine.

And I stuck with it and finished it up last night. 

Quilting deisgn 

It is AMAZING what one can accomplish when there is NO ONE around.  Yes - it is quiet - but so productive!!!!!   II have to confess that while I love my family, I so enjoy that down time when no one is reminding you of chores that need to be done, asking for money or food or whatever else that they think is urgent!!!!

The studio - however looks like a disaster - there are NOW FOUR quilts that need to be trimmed (OK - so I trimmed two of them this morning)

The studio this morning - will never be tidy!!!!!!

I dug out batting pieces for my John Deere quilt.  And while I was doing that - I thought - I will have at least three or more quilts in that same size - I might as well dig out more batting scraps and prepare batting for them as well.

Little Sammy rarely comes downstairs, but she must have been bored yesterday because no one else was home. She actually came down and snuggled up in her bed.

I think she was trying to tell me that she was bored out of her mind and if she looked pathetic enough I would take pity on her and play with her!!!!!

I am happy to announce there is NO DANGER of Little Sammy being bored today!!!!!

Nope - Sammy has a boyfriend for the weekend

This is Milo!!!!

M showed me a video she took of Sammy chasing Milo around the kitchen.  Oh yes - they are in love the two of them.

Milo and Sammy

Sparky couldn't care less and she wants NOTHING to do with the other two!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another awesome spin class at the gym.  I used to watch the numbers - my heart rate, the time, my wattage, speed, distance - all that stuff. But it is boring like anything to see the minutes slowly pass by as you are sweating and working hard.   I have been using the time for planning. I know - just like when I quilt.

So I am coming up with all kinds of class ideas, quilts I want to make - actually that is NOT a good thing!!!!! But life is so short and I hate rules - I think my brain sees that 2014 shelf as a RULE. I MUST work on those projects - instead - I pull something out and that is what I want to do!!!!    I have a story to tell you about that - got pictures and all - just no time this morning to go into details.

Nope - I've got a neat day planned - a quilting road trip!!!!!!!!!!!!    Yahoooo - got my shopping list, samples to match, yardages figured out and I am ready!!!!!!!!!!!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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