Thursday, May 1, 2014

Economies of scale..............................

Yesterday was embroidery club and we had an awesome time.  Can't say enough about how fun the conversations are. Topics are diverse, no complaining about anything (not sure how that happens), but it really is a great little group.   And YES - I am making progress. I never seem to show you what I am doing, but I will dig out the blocks one day and take a picture. I am working on a Christmas redwork quilt and there are a LOT of small blocks. I think I am down to twelve left to do. YES - only twelve.   Don't worry - I have another couple of projects in the wings that I can dig out when this is done!!!!

While we were stitching, Mary was quilting. Now she had a number of baby quilts that she needed to get done FAST. So she sewed all six together, made a HUGE backing, and a big piece of batting.

A few hours later and ......................

There are three of the quilts

And there are all six of them (Mary was behind holding them up!)
That is one way to save loading a  bunch of quilts - here is another.................

Once everyone left, I got to work. I started to load the next community project quilt and then I realized that I had made the backing wide enough to hold TWO quilts. So I loaded the backing, loaded one of the tops and the batting. Got it quilted...................

Top number one - DONE
 And then I loaded the second quilt..............

Second quilt loaded and ready to quilt

Yes - I have to get through that pile so there is NO stopping!!!!!  

As much as I like the sun - I am LOVING this weather because I have NO desire to go outside. I am heads down!!!!

Did have to step out in the afternoon for a few errands and since I was stopping at the dollar store, I also stopped at Homesense. You never know what you are going to find there. Well - look what I found - this awesome little orange chair. Got the perfect spot for it.

Cute little orange chair - they also had a little bench (also in orange) that was very cute, but I thought I didn't need two metal chairs and still no more ORANGE snails. All the other colours, but orange is GONE!!!!!    

Someone (Ronda? - ah the memory is short) sent me a link to this cartoon from Calvin and Hobbs.   Oh yes - this is pretty appropriate for myself and MANY other quilters. What do you think??????????

Yep - I like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Spent a bit of time last night perusing some magazines. I was going to take pictures and put them in my photo database.   Hmmm - I think I will scan them instead of taking pictures. I will get a better image. I can scan and save as a .jpeg.    Then I will file them and tag them.   Oh - this database is going to be awesome!!!!!

Magazines to go through

Working on a sample for a class on stripes!!!!!!!!!    Found the perfect colour for coordinating fabric and OH boy - you would not believe what you can do with striped fabric!!!!    I'm having fun with it.

Striped fabric and it's coordinate

Heard some sad news yesterday.   Now I found this on Lorraine Roy's Facebook page. Have not been able to find any additional information so I hope I am not speaking out of turn.

John Willard - a fabulous quilt maker has passed away. 

He will be missed as he was well known for his geometric quilts and his creative use of black and white fabric. I took a work shop from him a number of years ago. I hate to say that is was one of the few quilts  that I really really struggled with.  As someone said - perhaps we just were not ready for that level of spontaneity at that time in our quilting journey.

On that note - I have a LOT of stuff to do today.

Have an AWESOME day


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