Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A new marathon begins!

Yes this is the quilting marathon.  I have a number of customer quilts that need to get quilted and there are a LOT of community project quilts that have to be done and if there is time left - then I will focus on MY quilts.

Customer quilt - DONE

Community projects quilt - DONE

I will need to get them trimmed later today and onto the next batch.  I have no choice now, but to try and get two done a day.  This means HEADS DOWN - focus - focus - focus!!!!!

I did take a break though and zipped back to Fabricland. The one where I bought that floral fabric initially.  NOPE - no more and no chance of getting any more, but the sales person remember me!!!!!

I did buy more of the green though - I bought it all.

My green fabric. This is also a BEST seller at Fabricland.  I found it in a few other stores, but never in green. And not much left. The sales person in Guelph told me it was a best seller - they could NOT keep it in stock. 

Then I decided that I would check the internet (I know  - obsessed!!!!).   I searched for Timeless Treasures Fleur C (which is on the selvedge of the fabric along with the print number).

While fabtics did come up - not the one that I wanted, however I found this................

And this is waht I am looking for...............

Not the same, but darn close. Now I have to call the store because they was $24 to ship .75 meter????    Seriously????   I don't want it that badly.

Just thought I would share with you the Amish with a Twist story.  This is how much I am cutting off the sashings.

Not much, but boy - it made a difference on the entire quilt!!!!!

On that note - great spin class this morning, great embroidery club and NOW back to work.

Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


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