Friday, April 4, 2014

Knit One, Knit One, Knit One...........................

Whew - there is NOTHING like starting your day with an AWESOME spin class.  I am not sure what happened this morning, but in a normal class, there might be 10 or 12 people, this morning there was at least double if not more people there. And so you feed off that collective energy. It was AWESOME!!!!!

Also got signed up for the FitBit challenge that is hosted by LifeTime. The web site is pretty cool because you can sign up to "walk" a specific trail.  I have signed up to walk the Heysen Trail in Austrailia which is 686.62 Miles or 1,373,240 steps!!!!!    Can't wait to get started! The idea is to walk at LEAST 10,000 steps in a day. I think I should be able to manage that!

Yesterday was Thursday Therapy.  What a great group of ladies! We had some great discussions, great laughs and we got loads done!  And we have all decided that while we could have all stayed home and sewed - it wouldn't have been nearly as fun and we would not have gotten nearly as much done. I wonder how that happens????

Here is a peek at what happened yesterday.................

At one point in the day I noticed something strange. See this group of tables?  There were four of us set up - we each had our own table.

Four tables - four people - hard at work
Have a closer look. See how messy my table was - oh yes -I have to spread out on ALL the space I am given. But look at Maria's table. I think she is TOO NEAT!!!!!   Her stuff was all in neat piles on the table. We got a chuckle over that!!!!   I wonder what her house looks like???  
However there were a couple (right Susan and Tish) that felt a table wasn't enough for  them and look at their stuff spread out on the floor!!!!!!!!   At one point, Tish was even sitting on the floor playing with her fabric!!!!
Look at Susan's  VERY ORGANIZED sewing case.  Yep - those bobbins match the thread in the same drawer.  Another NEAT FREAK!!!!   

Nelda brought this in to show us.  So cute and I didn't see what she was doing for the backingm although I know she was working on it. Next week!!!!   Turtle blocks were made with Marti Michelle templates.

Kathy stopped by for a quick consult on her Rosewood Cottage quilt. Looking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda was working on this Border Creek Station quilt - it is going to be stunning when it is done!!!!!!!!!   This one is called A Checkered Past (I've got the kit!!!)

As you saw from the picture above - I was working on Amish With a Twist. I made good progress as my missing fabrics arrived in the mail the other day. Still have to cut a couple more pieces and I am ready to sew it together. I came home and put it on the design wall.

Amish with a Twist (with a couple of parts missing!!!)

I had done some work at the retreat on the quilt and with yesterday - well - almost got the main part of the top done!!!!!   There is hope for me after all to get this finished. I wonder what kind of progress the others are making????    Hmmmmm - Claudette, Liz, Linda, Marlene and Mary and who else??????

We chatted about having a specific project JUST for Thursdays.  Hmmmm - could I really have a project that I only worked on on Thursday??????

Two come to mind..................

Elm Creek - I think there are still about 40 blocks to cut and sew. Well there are some partially sewn blocks on the left. And there is a huge whack of fabric in the bucket. Would be nice to get this done!!!!
The other project that comes to mind is Farmer's Wife. There are less than 30 blocks to cut and quite a few that just need to be sewn. 
Template sets to make cutting MUCH easier!!!!
Running out of fabric on this one. The box on the left is leftovers too small to be cut up. The little baggie on the right is all I have left to eek out 10 more blocks. HOWEVER before you all get into a tizzy - I have HUGE quantities of this stuff (Kansas Troubles) in the stash room. I was hoping to NOT break into that to get the rest of the blocks done, but I don't think that is going to happen!!!!

The question is which project should I choose for Thursday?????   I think I am going to go with Farmer's Wife. There are less blocks to make and I think the blocks are easier?????   Oh well - will try to get them all cut at home and then just have to carry the cut blocks to Thursday (and Monday too)

So far I am keeping true to my word. I am NOT going to start a new knitting project until the current one is done. I will NOT start a new knitting project until the current one is done (if only I could say that with quilting - SQUIRREL!!!!. And that is very hard because there are some gorgeous kits and yarn and patterns. I guess that means I will be knitting a LOT in order to get this project done.

Five blocks are DONE!!!!!!!!   Only 15 to go. I am going to make as many as I can and see if I can make the project bigger. 

I get a bit of leftover yard from each ball and will make a jumbled block - well they all look jumbled anyway!!!!!!!!!!!
All this is waiting to be knit into log cabin squares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of knitting - have a look at these.  We saw them at The Muskoka Quilting Co. in Bracebridge.

CUTEST little socks for an 18 inch doll

 I didn't care about the doll - I wanted a pair of the socks, so I coughed up some money and bought a pair from the ASTONISHED and VERY MODEST maker. She couldn't believe that anyone would want the socks!!!!    Her and Debbie (the owner of the quilt store) make up knitted and sewn doll clothes. They bundle it with an 18 inch doll and then donate them at Christmas time. Now isn't that just the coolest idea!!!!   I want to make doll clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't watch TV any more. Hard to believe that it will be four years this summer. I NEVER thought I would ever give up TV (no regreats). And I remember meeting a lady (can't remember who) but she didn't watch TV either and at the time, I thought she was a LUNATIC!!!!  Oh well!   Never say never!!!!!!!!!!!

 However I decided that I want to watch Modern Family. I had seen a couple episodes before I gave up TV and I see snippets of shows as M watches them all the time. I ordered the DVD for Season One from the library. I've waited forever for it and it finally came the other day. Oh boy - now I have to watch TWENY FOUR episodes in ONE WEEK!!!!!    Shouldn't be too hard - I can knit and watch at the same time.

Modern Family - Season One

When a show makes you laugh out loud - well that is worth it in my mind!!!!   Hey - there was even an ad at the beginning of the DVD saying that I could watch anything on disk and not worry about TV. Yep - got that right. Have to watch it on the computer since I don't want to fuss with the TV that I don't remember how to work!!!!

Today is going to be a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!   It is cold, windy and RAINING. Yippeeeee!!!!!!!!    There will be absolutely NO TEMPTATION to go outside. And that is good. I have no appointments, no one is coming here and that means I will be heads down on the long arm. I shall reward myself with watching an episode or two during the day (while I knit). Oh yes - it is going to be a FUN FUN FUN and productive day.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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