Sunday, April 27, 2014

It is all about the planning.

Another CreativFestival done!   It was a great show, although I really didn`t get a chance to look around at all and that saved me some money. The show seemed to be pretty busy the entire time - I did manage to get around to do all my errands so I was very happy about that. Saved me some shipping and other hassle. Just have to be thinking ahead and plan plan plan.  But I came home inspired and excited to get things done and that it what it is all about!

I remember commenting to someone that they were "lucky" that they could take an extended period of time off. She replied -  - "nope - careful planning!!!!  So one must constantly be on the outlook for ways of combining tasks for efficiency and saving money.

Also had VERY SUCCESSFUL $10 classes yesterday at HH.  I have loads of pictures to post and I am going to try and do that later today? tomorrow?  I want to get back to the picture business.

Today is Sit n Sew - - a bit more relaxed than the last couple of days - six people are coming, but as I pulled into the driveway last night around nine, I thought - OH NO - I have nothing for lunch. I guess I will be hitting the grocery store right after I post this!!!!

As I said - the last couple of days have been a bit chaotic?  to say the least!!!!!   Have a look.............

Yikes - there are SIX people coming to sew?????

However a half hour later and look - all tidied up!

I wish I had pictures from the old days when the floor was covered with stuff - all the tables were heaped. Instead of taking a half hour - it took days to clean up!!!!

And as I was cleaning - there is a LOT of stuff that is almost finished - I need to book a day with myself to get those things done so I can stop moving them around!!!!!

However my sewing table requires a bit more work!

You think????   I can still see a small spot around the sewing machine!  But I hate to sew in that little of space - it is all that DARN paper stuff that needs to be cleared up - well and I was doing something "fancy" on my sewing machine yesterday morning which I will share with you when I post those $10 quilt pictures

So....................    have you ever done something and while you are doing it - you know it is WRONG. You know you are not going to be happy with it.   Come on - we have all done that!!!    Well I was sewing Amish with a Twist the other day. Now I did something that I tell my students NOT to do. But I really want to be as prepped as I could so I PRECUT the sashings for Amish with a Twist ACCORDING to the pattern. YES - according to the pattern, NOT my actual block. And instead of having enough common sense to realize that they were a smidgen too big - I proceeded to EASE them onto the blocks. Well, once I got it sewn together - I don't like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Have a look in the picture above - you can just see the bottom edge - very WAVY!!!!!

Here it is on the table - too ripply for my liking. 
 That means that TODAY - sit n sew day - pressing and seam ripping - I am going to be own best customer!!!!   I am going to take the sashing OFF and recut it and sew the top back together again.  I won't be happy until I do.

Besides getting the studio cleaned up - I also got a quilt loaded this morning. It is to be done for tomorrow morning, so will be working on that after the ladies leave today.

Quilt loaded and ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That leaves Monday Motivators and a speaking engagement at a guild and then I will have survived the marathon!!!!!    Tuesday is looking like an awesome day at this point, although I will be playing catchup.

On that note - I am out of here - got stuff to get done before the group arrives.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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