Friday, April 18, 2014

Lasting power.............................

What makes one thing stick around forever and others are gone overnight???

I was perusing the latest issue of American Quilter's Society catalogue and TWO - actually three things came to my attention for their lasting power.

American Quilter's Society Jan/Feb 2014 catalogue

Anyone remember these kits???????

The kitties

and the doggies?????

I would likely never have purchased the kitten pattern or kit, but I do believe I have the dog kit. If not - I am certain that I have the pattern. BUT not only do I have the dog pattern, look what I dug out of the stash room this morning.....................

Snowman, Sheep, Santa and Little Angels!!!!!!!!!!!

Now in light of all the discussion on copyright I was a bit amazed that the designers name was NOT included in the description of the two kits that were for sale.

Have a look at Rachel Pellmen's web site - Rachel's of Greenfield.   These patterns have been around for YEARS.  I did find a price tag in one of my kits and I purchased it in 2010, but I am certain that they have been around a lot longer than that. There is NO date on any of the patterns that I have.

Two of the kits were purchased at Micheal's and have a price tag of $49.99!!!!!!!!!!!!    I am certain that I used a 40% coupon for those - well I sure hope I did!!!!

I just find it very interesting that these very ordinary (but cute) patterns/kits are still around. Rachel has new ones out - there is a cute OWL one on her web page and we all know that owls are very current.

The other thing I saw in the catalogue is a CORDLESS iron from Panasonic.   Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Cordless Steam/Dry Iron from Panasonic

I know that a number of years ago - Maytag also had a cordless iron.  I bought one.  It didn't last and I got them to send me a new one under the warranty.  Well - it sat for many years on my shelf and when I was doing some cleaning recently I decided to get it out.  While it is sitting on the ironing board, it isn't getting used.  I really should use it - kill it and move on!!!!!!!!!!!

Maytag cordless iron

I LOVE the concept of the cordless iron. It is easy to use, no cords to get tangled in what you are doing, but it does have to get back on that base to get reheated!  It will be interesting to watch and see if the Panasonic is going to be successful.  I REALLY REALLY would like it to be successful because the idea is awesome, but the practicality of it - well that remains to be seen.

And if I had all my pictures tagged - I could tell you and show you more pictures of that Maytag iron. Actually I should do MORE tagging (specific tags) on the blog so it would be easy to find the day that I posted about the cordless iron - I know it was just since the beginning of this year. (nope it wasn't this year - I just flipped through the pictures for 2014 and it was before that)

Speaking of tagging picutres - I spent a LOT of time yesterday tagging.   I tagged thousands of pictures. While it is a top level tagging  - it is a start. It is the equivalent of taking a HUGE pile of clothes and sorting them into pants, shirts, socks, etc. Then you would sub sort them by colour, or season or whatever. That second part still has to be done. But first - I must get this initial tagging done.  M was happy to see that she is leading the tags by at least double anyone or anything else!!!!!!!!!!  

On that note - I have to get busy - got a Sit n Sew today. Yes I know it is a holiday, but it was the only day that I could work in a Friday this month. I have six people coming over. It is going to be fun and I have a feeling I will be busy pressing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have an awesome workout at the gym.. Boy it was empty this morning, but I love it. I am up to THREE minutes with the plank and 40 seconds per side.  A tough workout - but it is making a difference?  I hope - however I doubt I will ever have a six pack!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Does it say in that catalogue where that Lincoln fabric on the front cover is available?\