Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Check and recheck!

Nope - didn't get to the dentist yesterday. Well I did, but unless I was prepared to pay EMERGENCY prices, I had to wait until today for an appointment.  He and I are going to have a chat today - he tells me that I was VERY LUCKY that the implant had not fallen out in 12 + years. Really????    Just frustrating that it falls out and I hate to eat anything for fear of busting that wire that is hanging there!!!!

Anyway - despite that I had a great day. Hard not to when the weather is so nice outside.

M and I were out driving around and OH MY GOD - look at the mall.................

ALL the glass is gone, the clock faces are gone and some of the metal structure is gone!!!   It won't be long now and this whole top will be GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!    ACK - it was so used as a reference point in this city - at least by me!!!!!

Well - it was time to get back to work with those scraps of flannel. And I was working on the yellow.

This is what I had to start with - some of the pieces were big and some were small

Bottom line - I ended up with these squares! - Six inch - lots of them!!!!!

And this is all that is left!

Time to work with the oranges - not much in that pile

As I write this, I am remembering that I have a LOT of flannel upstairs that is supposed to be cut for kids quilts. Hmmm - there will be lots of scraps left over from that!  Well - I will deal with that when I get to cutting that up. I can't deal with the whole mess in one day!!!!!!!

Isn't this tea bag pretty????   I did't ask how the tea was - but it looks pretty!!!!

And in case you think I have given up quilting - NOPE - I was quilting this quilt yesterday.

Customer quilt

Close up of customer quilt

Let's just say that quilts with PAINT on them is not the best to quilt.   The customer was making this for someone else. She knew all about the issues we would have with the paint and hence there is an alternating square between the paint squares so it could be quilted. Thank goodness!!!!   There were a couple of times that the needle went CHUNK. Did not break, but I ended up with a huge burr on one needle and had to change. I was happy to see the end of that one!!!!!

OK - so are you like me. You get your phone bill electronically???   Well - I am NOT the best at checking those bills. BUT I have to say that our bill is pretty much the same every month. Might vary a dollor or two. However M and I both changed cell phones in Dec/Jan and I thought I should peruse the bills because I knew they were going to be higher. WELL - turns out there were LOTS of surprises in there.

First - I have a plan for my iPad (which I don't use much) but it does have 3G capabilities so I like to use it when I go away. Can't play Scrabble or many other apps but for the moment I can still connect to the internet. My plan was supposed to be $5 per month. If I exceeded so many GB - I would be bumped to $10 and then bumped to $30. Each month, it was supposed to reset to $5.  I see I have been paying $30 PER MONTH and NOT even using the iPad. And when it is home, it is supposed to be using the Wi-Fi.  Well - that is NOT the case. When the cell network button is on - the iPad is FREE to do whatever it wants and OH BOY - it was chewing up the airwaves!!!!!!!!!!    Bell did refund ONE of the $30 and I TURNED OFF the cell network.   So that will save me $25 per month.

Then I have my old cell phone number. It is set up that I pay the smallest amount possible every month - $15. Should any one call that old number, it gets forwarded to my new number. Can't cancel the thing unless I pay $165 so might as well pay the contract out.  But I pay per minute for those forwarded calls. That is about $10 a month.  Well I figured out who is calling me (well one person anyway) - and I still have ONE year to figure out if anyone else is calling me on that old number.   Bell could NOT help me to figure out who is calling. But I should be saving about $10 per month on that (I hope).

And then I got all kinds of charges regarding the new phones. There was a hardward change fee of $15. Not once, but TWICE.  I don't have a problem to pay the $15 once (that is because we did the phone change at that non-Bell kiosk in the mall - oh yes - Bell will try to get you every way they can). But they were charging me TWICE. Well I only made ONE hardware change. The poor fellow at Bell was trying to explain to me what it was. Well I know what it is and I am OK to pay it, but ONCE, not TWICE. He finally reimbursed that fee as well.

I made note of the changes and now have to watch the next bill to see they were in fact done and then watch for more "hidden" fees and charges next month.

Boy or boy - you just have to watch everything. Once it settles down - it will be easy to check because the amount will be the same every month.

Next on the agenda - the home phone bill. I am so tempetd to give it up, but I am not ready yet.  I need some way to have all those calls transferred to my cell phone????   But if I get the minimum service on the home phone, that will save some money as well.

Anyway - time to go and get something done.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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