Thursday, April 10, 2014


Had an awesome embroidery club - AGAIN!!!!!!    Such an amazing group of ladies and the conversations - well they are just the best!!!!!    Thanks everyone for a wonderful morning. One of these days I will show you what I am embroidering. I am making slow progress - what else is new!  but everything takes lots of time and the important thing - I have a plan and I am focused on this particular project. That is all good news!!!!!!!!!!!!     And I am making progress!!!!!!!!!!!

It was such a nice day that I just had to be outside. Did a bit of cleanup in the backyard and then off for a walk.

BUT I did get work done - have a look................

ONE of my plans for 2014 was to try and get those quilts done that are missing backings, bindings and/or borders.  And for some reason I have been ignoring that pile, but I felt like digging one out yesterday. This was sitting on top. Now the TOP was easy - just a GIANT Spiderman panel.  Pretty cool - it is big enough for a single bed!!!!  

Spiderman Top - DONE!!!!!

And cool backing that I already had

BUT - no binding. So of course - I ran over to Ruti's Needlebed and found this amazing fabric.
The binding for Spiderman

And before you knew it - it was sitting in the "TO BE QUILTED" pile

And so one more UFO bites the dust!!!!!!!!!!!   I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Then I got brave and decided to work on the border of that bargello. Well - what do you think?????

Border print Bargello with THREE borders on

When I saw the quilt laid out last night - this made all the fussing worth it!!!!!   Yep - that little internal gratifiacation for a SUPER job is all the satisfaction I need.

Mitered corner number one

Mitered corner number two - NOT BAD for matching the design

And the center join - do you see it????

Here is a better closeup

What I have left to make the last border - there is ENOUGH to work with, just not sure if I will have to piece any of it or not

This is the bonus border that was between the wider border that I used.  It will be good for a sashing of a quilt, an inner border????   Make frames for blocks??????    Lots of options

Is this for ME?????????????   NO Sparky - that quilt is NOT for you

That quilt was BORING - not thick enough. I much prefer my RUG!!!!!   Thanks MOM!!!!!

Might as well deal with the leftover pieces since that part of the quilt is done

I took everything apart and seperated into colours. They are now safely tucked away in their appropriate coloured scrap box

Oh - here is the label from the border print

And look what I found among the fabric - TWO rogue half square triangles. There is a whole bag of these - I am just not sure where I have put it. I keep moving things around and never know where anything is!!!!!   But there is a bag with hundreds of them in it!!!!

And the countdown continues.......................
One more Farmer's Wife block cut

And ANOTHER Farmer's Wife block cut

That leaves TWENTY more to cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we were at the retreat, we took a side trip to Huntsville. Someone needed something from Fabricland so we popped in. I saw this "quilt" and it was only $40.  I know - I bought one. I have no idea why, but I guess if you ever want to give up quilting - you can just buy the cheap things!!!!!!!!

Not sure if you can see it, but there is a great narrow quilting pattern on this quilt that would be good for inner border or sashing or frame.  Check it out - follow the lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   This is the back by the way. 

This is the front!!!   That is why I bought it - I loved the toile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the pinwheel blocks made for the Guild raffle quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was looking for something this morning and OH MY GOD - WHAT IS THIS????????????????

I found ANOTHER THANGLE project.   GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Well - I was thinking I was DONE with those Thangles projects. So the question now is should I drop everything and work on this - it was NOWHERE near the 2014 shelf, but I would like to get these Thangles finished. And well as long as I am working on finishing stuff, does it really matter if it came from the 2014 shelf??????

For those people who think the iPad is the ONLY solution for a small portable computing device - LOOK at this.  This is a KOBO (I have forgotten which one).  The cost - between $99 and $149.  And it does everything JUST LIKE AN iPAD.   Why or why do people think the iPad is the only solution?????   The mini iPad costs about THREE times the price of this. Not saying that you have to buy this one, but just DO SOME COMPARISON shopping!!!!!   I WILL NOT pay the additional price to buy an Apple product. Sorry Apple.


While I was out - I stopped at Indigo and saw this book. I just had to buy it - I don't normally buy books, but it is filled with pictures of the ice storm. Beautiful pictures - yes I know it is pictures of a bad situation, but the pictures are spectacular.

Ice Storm book

It is Thursday sewing today!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I won't be doing much sewing - I have to get applique prepared so didn't have to pack up the machine.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. It is the Kobo Arc 32Gigabytes and was 129.99 at Best Buy. Not sure if you can use an IPad anywhere to access the internet but with the Arc you need WiFi.