Monday, April 7, 2014

My Monday and Thursday projects

What a fabulous day yesterday. I did NOT get out on my bike. I was on  a roll in the studio and well - I just kept on working.  (The girls and I did get a walk into the library and to Tim's - of course!!!)

I started by getting the binding on those four quilts I had quilted earlier in the week. The coordinator of the program e-mailed to ask if she could pick up the four quilts!  Yikes - the bindings were NOT on, the quilts were not trimmed and the bindings were NOT made. Now she did offer to do that for me, but I had time. However it was a NICE treat to get to the last quilt and find the binding was already made!!!!

Four quilts ready for pickup!!

Pat was down like a flash when I called her. It appears that the guild has reached a milestone with the help of these extra quilts.  I was happy to help make that milestone!!!   (I'm not announcing it until Pat officially announces the number of quilts that were made this year.)

Got TWO more blocks cut for Farmer's Wife. Some of them have a LOT of pieces.

Farmer's Wife block with a LOT of pieces!!!!!!   Had to break into the stash room to cut parts of this one. 
 That leaves TWENTY TWO blocks left!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now what should I do?????   Well I decided that for my Monday and Thursday projects that I need to get some of these almost completed quilts done. I hate to do borders away from all the space here, but well I am just going to suck it up and get them done. So I got to work and got the last two borders on this quilt.

This is for the community projects for another guild.  I had to "make" a few more scraps for the outer border of this quilt. It is HARD to make scraps!!!!!   Didn't have enough of the original fabric, so grabbed something similiar. Worked out perfect!!!!

Got the binding and backing made for it as well. 

Made the backing for these two quilts (they will share the same backing! and got the red binding made. There is enough binding for one more quilt which is almost together. 

These other two are also for the community projects.

And then I looked around the room at the stuff on the tables and grabbed a couple of quilts that are missing borders, binding or backing and threw them in the Monday basket. It would be great to get those done instead of moving them around when people come.  OK - so those almost completed projects will be my Monday, Thursday projects - just finishing up what is sitting around. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here to get to the church on time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


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