Saturday, April 26, 2014

Just plain craziness!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow - yesterday was so much fun.   Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello. I am not even going to attempt to name names because there were so many.  I also saw a few people (who didn't recognize me in my hat). Wish I had more time to chat but I was supposed to be working!!!!   Anyway - it was fun to see you all.

Thanks also to those who are on the hunt for my Fabricland fabric. I think we are getting Orangeville and  Burlington stores covered and if that doesn't work I have an offer from Winnipeg!!!!    You are all the best. If any of you are searching for something - ask away.  Perhaps one of my readers or I will have what you are looking for.

On set-up day at CreativFestival, someone from out of town asked for snowflake buttons. Yep - searched through the stash and gave them a wide assortment. You just never know what little treasures everyone has that they are willing to share.

My demos went well. It is so hard to prepare for a demo - have I done enough, should I try this, what about this?   You just don't know who is going to be in the audience and how many questions there will be. So you have to wing it most times!!!!  Well I have convinced myself that I need a couple of the rulers that I demoed!!!  

I had to laugh on my way to the Festival. There is some major construction happening on a major ramp that takes you to the International Center. I know how to zip through the airport to bypass that ramp and while there is traffic, it is way faster than waiting to take the ramp. While I was on my detour (and I am waiting ina  line up to turn left at a traffic light), there is this man in an SUV behind me.  He was FURIOUS. I mean he was RANTING and RAGING in his car. His hands were going a mile a minute, he was shouting, he was agitated like I have never seen anyone. He was so agitated that he was making me agitated. Apparently he was frustrated by the traffic???   Yet when we turned left and I let him go ahead of me - I did NOT want him driving behind me. He did not take off in a flurry - he did zip away, but not like I expected him. Anyway - just because you are in your car - doesn't mean we can't see you!!!!!

First thing when I got to the Festival was to get my hats - yes - I got several. Here is the first one which I wore all day yesterday.

Alice in Wonderland hat - side view

Opposite side view

The top

And now look who is wearing it - Manni stole it!!!!!!!!!!!

I sure wish my mannequin had a better pose!!!!!   However she looks lovely with her new hat. And for those enquiring minds - there were NO orange hats. NONE and only about one or two with a few orange accessories. Anyway - it was fun to wear all day - got loads of comments and had fun. That is what it is all about!!!!!

Tish and I did a BAD thing yesterday.   We signed up for this mystery challenge that is sponsored by the Canadian Hobby Association.    I think this is something that they are doing strictly at the CreativFestival. The participants will get a package sometime in the fall and then have to create something for the fall CreativFestival.   Well - I am already up against a formidable opponent - Tish. I will need a LOT of luck. Anyway - I hope they get enough people to sign up to make it a go. It sounds like a lot of fun.

The other thing that is so interesting and Tish is going to do some more investigation. Check out this link.....

Banners of Hope

This is such a cool idea. Here are the pictures of the banners in the booth..............

Banners of hope

More banners of hope

There are so many inspirational quotes out these days and how do you remember them? Well these little banners (they are NOT quilted) are just perfect.    I so want to make several of them with my favourite quotes. How cool to just have one (or more) hanging in the studio, wherever - they are fun.
Stay tuned for more details - I think this could be a group effort?????? And the best part - they can be used as a fundraiser for your favourite charity.   I haven't done a lot of research into it. Tish was going to check it out.

Here is a close up of one. 
Aren't these just the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     And great for any age.

I am almost done my prep for my $10 class this morning and then back to CreativFestival this afternoon.   Beside working in the booth - I have a LOT of errands. I have stuff to drop off/pick up at a number of booths. It is crazy, but just a super time to see people rathaer than ship stuff to them. Love it!!!!!

On that note - I am off to get going on the day.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Zelda from HuntsvilleApril 27, 2014 at 6:34 AM

    Last month my circle of breakfast girlfriends made prayer flags for a friend that was placed in hospice. These prayer flags were much like the banners of hope and were done in various mediums and styles. The only constant thing was the size. To our group this made our friend's pending death a reality and a way to work out our grief. Everyone enjoyed the process and many of us have decided that we will do prayer flags for those that just need a prayer or two.