Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How much is too much?????

I am very disappointed in the dentistry world!  Why????   Well you remember TWO weeks ago that my silly implant came out. Went to my dentist and he glued it back in.  Yep - those little implants are glued in with TEMPORARY glue. Well - I have NEVER had one of them fall out. NEVER in over 12 years or however long it has been that the implants were put in. Guess what??  Oh yes - the darn thing came out again last night. I mean - seriously?????   I know they are temporarily glued in, but I can't be having my teeth fall out every two weeks!  Especially since it was NOT cheap to have them reglue the darn thing in.

Guess I'll be back at the dentist at 9 AM this morning!

I appreciate a good quilt. I appreciate good applique and I appreciate good quilting. But at what point does to much become too much?

Have a look at this link - the quilt is BEAUTIFUL - oh let me rephrase that - the QUILTING is beautiful. Oh - there is an appliqued quilt in there!!!!

Quilting on a quilt

This is one of those times when I think the quilting completely overpowers the quilt.  It is a shame because all the componets on their own are stunning - just a bit distracting when all put together. What do you think???

I tried to work on some older projects at the retreat. This one had gotten moved to the 2014 shelf a while back. And it got packed into the retreat basket.

The story behind this project - when Jillybean's was open in Oakville, Rosemary Makhan would host "Ladies of the Evening" classes.  The only one I took was with Kelly and Paula and the block that night was school house. It was not my choice, but the only night we could all get together.

I started to sew the red pieces together in a scrappy fashion, then decided that I wanted the houses to be coordinated so I started to resew the quilt. The quilt with the coordinated blocks got finished.

The FIRST school house block quilt.

And if you google Images on Google - this quilt comes up among the pictures.  Surprisingly - it is the ONLY one in this setting. Go figure!!!

I was going to donate this quilt to a fundraiser at M's school - MANY years ago. I hustled to get the quilt done and it had minimal quilting. The quilt was to be auctioned off and was going for a paultry amount so I had a reserve bid on it.  I kept the quilt and it sat around for many years with that minimal quilting - let's not forget - the binding was on - the borders were NOT quilted.

Then The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw, Sask. was going to have a quilt show and one of the displays was red/white quilts. I was going to be in the area at the time of the show and so I decided to put more quilting on this quilt.    (That was in 2012)

Had to quilt the borders on the domestic machine as there was NO way to do on the long arm when the binding was already on the quilt. In this picture above - the piece of white hanging to the right of the quilt is the sleeve that was stitched into the binding. 

Oh - NOT a lot of room to maneuver here

The quilting in the border

Here is the quilt loaded on the long arm - WITH THE BINDING already on. 

Other side of the quilt

I quilted the back ground of the houses while it was on the long arm

And the inner border was also done on the long arm - see that poor outer border was NOT done!

This is what was left in the box!!!   

The fronts of the mismatched houses

Look at the date of the pattern that was faxed to me for the class!!!!!!!   Yep - that says 2000

 Oh shoot - now if I had my pictures better organized, I would be able to find a picture of it in the Moose Jaw show. I can't find it right now.

OK - so back to the retreat - I dug out the blocks - first project - let's get this done!!!!!!!!!!!!

Working on the school house blocks

AT LAST - Twelve mismatched school house blocks are DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here they are - DONE DONE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The question is - now what do I do with them. I do NOT want the same setting.  I googled "school house quilts" and I saw one with pine trees as the alternate block.  I may do that with green. But not a full block -  just a half block.

Version of school house block

Anyway - I will use that quilt as a starting point and see how I can get it finished.

A number of us were working on Celtic Solstice - the 2013 Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt.  Mary has her top done, Linda has all the components done and she is piecing her blocks together. I had three of the five components done and working on those %*((_ CHEVRONS. Tish had completed the first componet. I was feeling smug. While not the first to complete the quilt - I was still NOT the last.

Well Tish certainly put me in my place this past weekend. Not only did she complete the chevrons, the pinwheels - Oh yes - SHE COMPLETED ALL the components despite some ripping!!!!!

She even got one of each block sewn together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

One of each of the two blocks in Celtic Solstice

Oh boy - it is time to get this thing on the road.  I had taken the $%^&**&^%^   chevrons as my enders and leaders for the weekend. So I am stitching, pressing, trimming and so close to being finished at the end of the retreat.  BUT I had miscounted the little yellow squares and was SIX short. So I finished them when I got home.

Finishing the last SIX pieces for the chevrons

Chevrons - all 100 of them - DONE
The cut offs from the chevron making - have to find something creative to do with those
That leaves me with the component from Clue Five still to do - it is a shaded four patch and the half square triangle is already made. Must get cutting!!!!   I've got a deadline now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I left for the retreat, Miss Sparky had a hay day in the studio. Garbages were turned over and garbage shredded just for a scrap of food from a food wrapper or to lick out a hot chocolate cup (not mine!)

Bad doggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well spring is definitely here. I saw people on roller blades yesterday, lots of bikes, walking the dog after dinner. The weather at last has broke. Will it stay????  I bought a new bike the other day - couldn't help myself. What do you think????

So cute - NEW bike

 And for those that care - how much stuff does one need to go to retreat????  

This much - This filled the back seat of my car.  Took a long time to unload and get it all back in the house.

The back seat - filled with my stuff

Mary's stuff was in the back

There was a LOT more room if we had more stuff, but we were not even close to running out of things to do at retreat.

I see the dentist will be open soon, so I had best go and hope he can take me right away.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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