Monday, March 31, 2014

Quilt retreat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At last - it is RETREAT time.   We were there a bit earlier in the year than we usually are, but WHO CARES - we have FOUR days of sewing and no worries.   You just can't beat that.

Mary and I were on our way shortly after 6 AM.   Yes - 6 AM - there is NO TIME to waste when it is retreat day!!!!

Now we used to zip right up to the house north of Bracebridge, HOWEVER, we did make a pit stop. And where did we stop????

This is Thimbles and Things in Orillia

I have to say that from the outside you just think it is another quilt store, but THINK AGAIN.  Inside this shop is a vibrant owner, Sue who would run circles around any of us. Her stock, her ideas, her enthusiasm - well it can't be beat. She is an amazing lady and we love her (especially when she lets us visit a wee bit before her normal opening hours!)    Thanks Sue - we LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Then after we safely stowed our purchases in the car - we were off to Quilter's Misbeehaven just north of Bracebridge. This is the veiw we got as we turned into the driveway!!!!!!!!!

Look at all that snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the most snow we have ever seen there, but it is also the earliest in the year we have ever been there.

As usual, the house was prepared for us and we were excited!!!!!!!!!!!   Here are just a couple of pictures of the inside of the house.

The BIG bedroom upstairs

One of the double bedrooms
One of the quilts on the wall
Another quilt on the wall

I believe ALL the quilts were made by the owner (Judy) and quilted by her as well. They are all beautiful!!!!!!

And a nice, tidy cutlery drawer!!!!!   (I think we all commented on it - what does that tell you about our OWN cutlery drawers??)

The others trickled in all day - however at  11 AM - this is what the situation looked like

It's ELEVEN AM and where are all the quilters?????

The main sewing area -   so there is NO ONE here?????

Ah - there is Mary and Linda (and my set up on the left). Some of us sew in the kitchen to get more room and we LOVE it.

 This was our EIGHTEENTH time going to the house - hard to believe!!!!!!!!   The first time we went - we made a little block which was then turned into a wall hanging.

Wall hanging assembled with squares made by the guests during the first year

Do you know which block is MINE????   NO - not the orange one!

This is my block - I still have the quilt that I was making that weekend- still NOT quilted but at least the top is done!!!!!

OK - I am back home - almost unpacked and now I am ready to sew.  Better get my act together as I have so much to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll provide more updates on the retreat in the next couple of days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bottom line - we had a blast - it was fun, not nearly long enough.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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