Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's all about the bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was browsing through my blog from previous years, I noticed that I was out on my bike in March. I doubt that is going to happen this year!!!!   While I love spin class, it just isn't the same. I am going to have to move so I can ride all year long!!!!

I did get to the bike show this past weekend. I do like to go and see what is new - and this time I hung out in the Cycle Canada/Tour du Canada booth. It was great - got to see Adam who was our driver from last year. A great kid - he is going to go far. Chatted with Bud and Margo (the owners) and got caught up on news.  And I SO WANT TO GO ON A TRIP THIS YEAR!!!!!!!   Yes - I am still trying to figure out the summer plans, and I will get a trip in, but it will be short and where???? NO idea!!!!

THE bike show!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my goals on all of my previous trips has been to make a book - you know - the ones you can design yourself and then get printed.  I SO WANT to do that. And now I have FOUR to make. Well one of the riders from last year on Tour Pacific made such a book and there was a copy at the booth.  OH MY - I MUST make this a priority. What a way to remember the trip. 

Sample of pages in the Tour Pacific book

More samples - I LOVE how he got individual action shots of everyone.  I don't think I got that. 
More pages from the book

It is such a cool idea and what a way to remember.  I have several other books that I am in the process of making and I MUST MUST MUST make them a priority.

Don't need (or want) a new bike, but I did pick up a couple of things while I was at the bike show.

New jersey
Another new jersey

Now that brings up the question - should one wear a cycle jersey to a spin class????   I bought the two jerseys from Cyclechic.   I was speaking to Rene (one of the owners) and he said - why NOT?????   Really - he has a point. Afterall you do wear cycle shorts to class. I guess that begs the question - why does one wear a cycle jerse?. Probably the biggest reason is that there are THREE (usually) big pockets on the back of the jersey for stashing stuff and the back of the jersey is longer than the front. Both things are not really necessary for spin class.  I might wear some of my older logoed jerseys in spin class. Yes - that is what I will do.
Snagged a couple of everyday T-shirts with bikes on them!   (I know - those just jumped into my bag!). I HATE the V-neck, but no choice.   GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
I did pick up one NECESSARY item and that was lights for the front and back of the bike. There were MANY times last year when I NEEDED those items to improve visibility - both so I could see and drivers could see me. I am sure that I drove Neil and Michel crazy for not having lights on my bike. These are BLINDING!!!!

New lights!!!!!!!!!!!
That's ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course I picked up lots of brochures for charity rides and other one-day rides in this area. Time to get myself organized and mark those dates in the calendar so I have something to look for. If I can't ride outside - at least I can dream about it!!!

There was a great booth for the Province of Quebec and they were taking pictures of people with that great backdrop!!   Of course I had to strip off all the unnecessary stuff in order to get that picture. You know - sweater off, glasses off, bags on the floor!!!!   We were all laughing which is why I am laughing in the picture.

As is my nature - I stopped and chatted with all sorts of people - mostly the touring information places. I didn't talk to the bike shops - I don't need anything! Well except my lights.

Look what I got -

Do you know where this is from?????

Yes - the swing bridge on Manatoulin Island. I LOVE that bridge - it's a swing bridge. I see that it was celebrating 100 years last year. I didn't know that as we rode across last year.

Now I did NOT buy a bike at the show, but I did see a lot of interesting bikes.

Should have had this when M was little!!!    How cute!!!!!   Room for the kids and groceries!

This seems to be a big trend - bike with BIG tires. They are called FAT bikes!!!

FAT bike

Another FAT bike

I was out hiking in December and saw the tire tracks of one of these bikes, but I had never seen one before and I did NOT take a picture of the treads is the snow. Pretty awesome looking bike, but I will leave it for someone else!!!

And you can pretty much carry anything and everything on a bike. How about this?????

Trailers for golf clubs and why not a canoe!!!!!!!!!!!

Well on that note - I am behind. Trying to cram three days of work into one as usual.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


(and this blog was late because it takes forever for my phone to send pictures to my home e-mail). For goodness sake - the phone is RIGHT beside the computer, yet it takes HOURS for the pictures to be sent. Oh well!!!!!

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