Friday, March 14, 2014

A FLAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy spotted a flaw in my closet organizing!!!   Did you see it??

Well - I was so excited about getting everything organized that it never even occured to me.
You see - what does everyone do when they get dressed???   You go to the closet, the drawer and you grab what is ON TOP!!!!!

Now I could hang some of that stuff since I now have room, BUT I don't want to hang T-shirts.  I am just going to have to REMEMBER (like that is going to happen!) to NOT always take the shirt on top.  I can dig through them since they are all easy to see in the baskets.  At least they are NOT in a drawer where I literally would only see the top one - in the baskets, I can at least see all of them!!!!  

Since it was brought to my attention - I will try to NOT always wear the top item!!!!   (this morning - I grabbed the SECOND item)

OK -so - I'm having another HYPER day.   Been to spin class and now on my way to knitting club.  So many pictures.

How is the bedroom cleaning coming along???   I only saw ONE picture which I will post because it is pretty funny!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


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