Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oh boy - here we go again!

The weather - yes - the weather is on everyone's mind.   One thing that really makes me laugh - I hear people "complaining"   (that is such a strong word) - they are mentioning!  that it is COLD outside. OK - so what happened to putting on a jacket? or a scarf or a hat and mitts?   All of a sudden - it isn't cold anymore.

The radio station is the worst - they keep announcing that it is COLD outside  - then they say the temperature is minus 5.   OK - minus 5 is cold???   Seriously????    No - taking a walk outside in MINUS THIRTY - not including the wind chill - now that is COLD.

Personally I like the sun.  If the sun is shining - I am PUMPED. I want to be outside doing ANYTHING! It just makes me happy.   Thank goodness I have two dogs who are excited to be outside and will jump at any opportunity to be out there.

Yesterday after we came back from Monday Motivators - we took a walk. I think we were out for about an hour and a half. Did all my errands walking and I see that I have a couple more to do today and it is going to be sunny (and the temperature will be above zero) so it will be positively balmy.

Now here is my question to those that mention the cold and icky weather. If the weather were nice (and that all depends on each of us), but WOULD YOU BE OUTSIDE? If not - then why is the weather so important????

I guess I don't mind dancing in the rain - heck I have ridden my bike through plenty of it - and not just a shower, but torrential down pours. Anyway - I just think it is funny how we all approach the weather differently!!

At the beginning of the Guild year, Mary and I took on the job of Block of the Month. Instead of the usual, we decided that we would do our own thing.  We had an inspiration and I had EQ7 and between that and my muse (of the day), I put something together.  Linda made the first prototype, although I wasn't completely happy with it and well it just seems that when one has a deadline - my creative juices kick in!

I gave Mary the final instructions and she finished her quilt.   I am sorry I did not get a better picture of it.

Mary's block of the month

Yes - I might walk to her house today and get a front on picture of the quilt. It is spectacular.   And wait until you see the finished ones at the guild. Everyone is going gang busters on this project.  The June show n tell is going to be amazing.  Shoot - I don't think we can have outside visitors at that meeting as it is our annual general meeting. I will check and let you know. I will take pictures, but the pictures are NOT going to do justice to the quilt.

Well - you just never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball.  Like when you know something is wrong with your teeth, but you can't quite figure it out. Only to brush your teeth before you go to bed and have ONE OF THEM FALLS OUT!!!!    (OK - so it is an implant - I know - I thought they were permanent!!!!)   And to make matters worse - it is one of my FRONT teeth.  I was a very silly teenager and had the dentist remove the tooth rather than get a root canal - Hey - I was 16 at the time. I have had countless issues with this tooth every since. Started with a plate and that tooth broke off many times. Then I got a bridge (which destroyed two more teeth for anchors) and finally the implants (there are three in total).

So now I have this stupid wire thing hanging from my gum and I'm afraid to eat in fear of bending/breaking that wire that holds the fake tooth in place.  This happened on Sunday night and my dentist is closed on Monday. Yes - I am looking like a hockey player or that I am a red neck.    Sorry - no pictures - I am NOT smiling these days.

Guess where I am headed in twenty minutes! The dentist so he can glue the thing back in!!!!

Oh yes - never any moments of boredom at our house!

Well I beg to differ on that.  Last night, I was having one of those nights. You know - you don't feel like doing anything. I played Scrabble, checked out Facebook and NOW WHAT?   So I grabbed a couple of quilt magazines and was browsing those when I got a burst of energy and was back down stairs sewing up a storm. I think part of the problem - I have been working on the same four quilts for a while and I just can't seem to get them done. SO - I am going to spend some time this afternoon getting them done. Time to move on!!!!!!!!!!!

And I am EXCITED about picture sorting and storage. I know - it doesn't take much.  But as I was browsing those magazines, I saw a couple of quilts that I wanted to keep the picture as inspirations. But they are NOT my magazines (borrowed from the guild).   What if I take pictures of them, tag them in as many ways as I want and then store them on my hard disk (well my multiple hard disks).  Then when I want ideas - I just choose the appropriate tags and VOILA - my inspiration quilts will be there.   I am learning all about that stuff in the book that I am reading on storing photographs.   I think it is brilliant.  I am using those photos for personal use so while technically violating the copyright (would I be if I cut the picture out of the magazine and put it in a scrap book?????) Just have to put all the credit stuff with the photo. Oh yes - I can see this is going to be a HUGE job, but I am up for the task.  I so WANT to get started on this.

On that note - I have a couple more four patches I can sew before I head out to the dentist.

Have a super day - HEY - get out and take a walk in the walk (above freezing) weather!!!!!


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