Sunday, March 9, 2014

Can you spot the differences?????

Just reviewing the last couple of days. Gosh - I seem to be spending way more time organizing, cleaning and tidying than I am sewing. Better make some changes with that or I will never get ahead of the game.

Here is a picture I took of the studio yesterday AM

Studio - yesterday

Studio - today

Are there are changes????  Yes - there are a few. Not enough!!!!!

I just can't help myself - but I am obsessed.   For some reason, I got on a kick about my blood pressure. Not because it is high, but because it is normal or low normal.  I know - it does NOT take a lot to get me excited.  Look at what I got for Christmas present (yes - my family humours me!!!)

It is a blood pressure monitor - you download the app for your phone.  Then it takes your pulse and blood pressure and keeps track of what is happening with it.   So far so - good - I am always in the healthy green part!!!!!!!!   Anyway - just another gadget to play with!!    But pretty simple.  But when I took the RealAge test the other day - I was able to plug in the numbers.

So after dealing with those two big blue bins the other day - the ones with the poly/cotton - I decided to bring out these three bins to see what I could do with them.  I opened up the first one....................

Next organizing project

A big pile of sweater, skirts and other YUMMY clothing textures.   I know I purchased them all at Value Village (the tags are still on them). BUT I can't even remember why I bought them. Likely to do some art project and that just isn't on my radar screen at this point. SO - they are all back in a bag to go back to Value Village. I know - how silly was that!!!!!!!!

I still have this to deal with from the first bucket.  That is on the day's priority list. I want to deal with one bucket before I go onto the next. 

Since the tub was empty - what do I do with it????    Just happen to have a laundry basket full of knitting stuff so...................
Knitting stuff

The knitting stuff went into the closed container and back in the storage room

Remember those basting and wonder tapes I found. Well - what do to with them????

I decided to put them in the basekt with the trims since (according to the packaging) these products are perfect for temparorily holding down trim.   I don't mind to keep them, but the question is WHERE and this is a perfect spot.   I see the lid of the trim box is misbehaving. That is not good. 

Got the binding on this community project quilt and the other one as well (the bright flannel one)
Customer quilt 
 Now this was a abit of a special case.  You see the customer had tried to quilt it herself. That wasn't working so she took it apart. Well not exactly. the batting was still basted to the top and because it was the EXACT same size as the top, I could not take those two apart. I loaded the back by itself and then the bating and top as one. It actually worked out, but NOT a good thing to do.

The batting cut to the exact size of the top (this was done after she was already quilting it

We did have a slight problem of pins. At one point as I was quilting, I noticed THREE pins in the batting. When I tried to remove them - I found that they were between the batting and the top. Now what????   I can't get to them because the batting and top are rolled together.  I managed to keep moving them until the end of the quilt, but NOT something that I wanted to deal with.   There may have been more pins that I didn't notice.   I warned the customer - she will have to work them out if there are more.
Got the binding on for her and the quilt is delivered

Picked up my sewing machine as well as two others (for friends) that I took in all at once.  Oh dear - the store closed at 4 PM and I was trying to meet that deadline. I was trying to get that quilt quilted and bound and still have time to hit the store before it closed at 4 PM.   I left it a bit tight and I arrived at the store about 3:45.  Well the girl on the cash was in training, yet she was on her own. She couldn't figure out some of the stuff and rather than the more experienced lady to come and help her, they left this woman on her own.  Then the class ended and there was a BIG line of people wanting to buy their thread or whatever else they bought.

I finally said - let the others go ahead since they would be straight forward (by this time - she had made a mess of two of the three bills). I loaded the machines in the car - then I looked around and found something to buy. I know - that was bad. When everyone was gone - they finally got to my two bills.   Well - it took the three of them (and they still made several mistakes) and even though they are having a moving sale next week and I said - oh can I get the discount early (after all - I did give THEM A BREAK) - they did NOT give me a break!  Which is silly since they gave each of the three of us a 10% discount on the machine servicing even though it was clear that we were three seperate people.   Oh well - it took an HOUR just to pay for three machines.

I like the store and will go back, but really - I think they could have accommodated me a bit more.  I was calm and cool about it, but seriously????????

Was driving past the mall the other day - and look - those glass panels are staring to come off.

Mall roof coming off

Don't ask why I am so obsessed with this. But I have lived in the area for 20 years and that clock tower is very iconic around here.

 To end the day - here is a sad state of affairs.   I threw away another pair of socks the other day.  I don't seem to get holes in my socks, but they seem to lose the elasticity from the top.  Grabbed another pair of socks and looks like those ones are toast as well.

Sad looking socks

Not that I don't have new socks - oh my - I have a LOT of socks.  So best start digging a bit deeper in the sock drawer.

I did NOT get a picture of the excitement on our street this morning, but when I got up, I had the notion of a strob light?????   I went to the front window to find TWO police cars boxing in a regular car in the street. Their lights were flashing.  They had the driver of the car out and put him in one of the police cars. Two more police cars arrived. They had flashlights and were going through the civilian car.   Not sure what they were doing or even how it ended. I didn't stay to watch, but when I went out to walk the dogs about 20 minutes later - everything and everyone was gone.

On that note - I am out of here to try and get some more tidying done and some sewing as well.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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