Thursday, March 13, 2014

Scrap FEVER!!!!!

YES - there is NO STOPPING me.   I got the fever!!!!!!!

Now - I DO NOT want more scraps - I really want to deal with those that I have, although I do have to say that things seem to be somewhat under control.   As I was working on those two current projects - I decided that there were more scraps upstairs in the living room.  There were a few bags of scraps left in the members boutique after the quilt show. That means that those bags had been picked over by MANY people.  At this point - no one wants them????

I was going to take them to the guild for a member to pick up (for free), but I am a member so I am picking them up.  I really want things to go to people who will take care of them - not just add to their mess.

So here is the box of stuff that was sitting there.
Box of scraps

Found a three and a half meter piece which will be PERFECT as a backing for the quilts that I am making for community projects
I sorted the rest - found a couple of orphan blocks (which went into the orphan block box), found pieces of binding - they went into the binding box, found some strips - they went into the current project box, found a cute small panel that will be a perfect addition to a quilt that Mary is making and I found a whack of half square triangles

Half square triangles - already made - I pressed them and put them in my half square triangle box

There were still scraps left and I have put them with the kit making stuff - I will deal with them as I get to that box.   I am working on three kits right now and I just can't process it all quick enough.

I do have pictures of the homes of all that stuff above. However I have to say that I am having loads of trouble with pictures and my computer.   I am wondering if the card reader is going????    Well - changed the card and that helped somewhat, but went to load the pictures and the computer froze so - it was a question of a blog with some of the pictures or no blog. I'll post the rest later.

Speaking of scraps - Karen was busy putting a back together this past Monday. In order to use up her scraps (yes - we feed off each other) - Karen was making a backing using that 1600 strip method.
She first sewed a small square between each of the 80 or so strips. There are MANY MANY ways of doing this and all kinds of info on the web if you Google it.

Now where are the ends so she can do step two??????

ACK - help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 It is a cool idea for a backing. You could then have a reversible quilt.

I have said it before and I'll say it again - I really don't care much what I make or sew - as long as I am making or sewing something. It is fun, it is entertaining and for the most part (at least for me) - it is the process of making that is fun, I don't so much care about the end product. Although my quilts are precious to me, and I enjoy snuggling up in them - the making of them is my pleasure.

Daphne had brought in some scraps from her stash (and yes - I think I acquired a couple of bigger pieces so I could use for the backs of those community projects quilts). Anyway - there was this bib panel in amongst her stuff.

Judy took that panel and is making some bibs.  

I think it is a TAD SMALL for her!!!!!

She finished the edge of the bib off with a nice decorative stitch on the machine. SUPER idea!!!!!

As usual - I leave so much unsaid and so many pictures unpublished.   I am going to try (seriously try) to get myself and my pictures and all my other possessions organized. Who knew this was going to be a life-long job?????    Seriously - it just seems that when you clear a space out - well then I move something from deep storage into that space and then I have to deal with that!!!!   But serious progress is being made. There isn't much left in deep dark storage. Not much at all - if anything.

And the clothes - well good thing one does go through the clothes.  I was looking through that pile of short hang stuff and OH MY GOD - here are my TWO BEST CYCLING jackets in there. I thought they were older running jackets, but NO - I guess I hung up those jackets in the inside closet, not the outer wear closet on the main floor. Well I rescued them and filled yet another plastic bag with clothes.

Like I said - pictures tomorrow.

Have a SUPER AWESOME day - despite the icky snowy icy outdoors.   I have a sewing day planned and I can't wait to get started.


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  1. Please let me know if you are selling scraps because I am looking for blue and yellow scraps for an art project in mind. Thanks!