Thursday, March 6, 2014

BACK to reality!!!!!!!!!!

Way back when, I posted a little saying that I used to have on my desk in the corporate world. It was PRIORTIZE, FOCUS and WIN.  I am really good at prioritizing - OK - so I do whatever I feel like doing that day regardless of deadlines. I can focus when I want to and I like winning!!!   Yep - that saying works for me!!!!!!!!!

Now - I have a table and a shelf FULL of projects that have deadlines or people waiting for them or upcoming classes. And did I work on those????   NO - I wanted to get the backings done for those community projects quilts and did I????   Have a look................

Number ONE

Number TWO

Number THREE

Number FOUR

Number FIVE

Number SIX

Number SEVEN

Number EIGHT

This is the only backing I had left that fit this quilt.  Sharron and I did NOT like it so..............

Had to go to Ruti's and I found this yellow/orange polka dot in the BARGAIN bin. $5 a meter.  You can't beat that.
Number NINE

Last but not least - Number TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

And there you have it - TEN more quilts to be quilted!!!!!!!!!!!
That makes 19 backs in two days. An awesome job and I am so happy that I got it done - I don't even care that I didn't get done what I was supposed to do.

I really really want to get everything organized and tidied up and that there is a reason for me to keep what I am keeping. Like the poly/cotton. If someone else can USE it, and I know that I won't - then I will let it go. BUT it has to be used. I will NOT give it away if I know it will sit on someone else's shelf. Then I might as well keep it myself.  I had several responses to my plea for the poly/cotton. Pat is coming tomorrow to see what she can use for the guild's community projects (backings).  Perfect - I know it will get cut up and used quickly. No porblems giving it to them.  Once she has gone through it - I will evaluate what is left and decide what to do. (I did get other suggestions). Maybe there will be NOTHING left to make crocheted rugs??????   Wouldn't that be nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now what is the next area????   I have several boxes of crazy material that I inherited - I am going to offer it all to Heather at John Fraser. Then there are THREE bins of mostly decorator and clothing fabric. I really must go through those as well. And the last are for immediate attention - well the next on the cleaning list is this..............

Yes - there are two HUGE buckets full of fleece. Mixed in is some minky and plush. 
I am going to take my newly emptied bucket (that the poly/cotton resided in) and start sorting through this mess. And wouldn't it look nicer in a tub or two instead of perched precariously like it is????  I might just end up using the fleece as backings for the new quilts that I am going to make from that rescued basket of cotton.

I would love to walk in that stash room and see things under control (they are for the most part), but wouldn't it be nice to see EVERYTHING sorted and nothing sitting there "just because".   I am making progress and that is all that counts. There is no deadline to have it done, I just feel so much better that I took charge of those two buckets and got it mostly under control.

Thanks again Ronda for the push!!!!!!!!!!    And would who have thought that her buying a table (well actually we ended up trading) would start this whole chain of events.

Yes - she didn't actually give me money for the table, BUT she gave me something even better.

A Magnetic SCRABBLE board that you hang on the wall. How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!     And the best part - we are going to be at retreat soon and there are FOUR of us going that all play Scrabble online.  So guess what we will be doing????   Yep - going to find a place to hang that board and we are going to play Scrabble while we sew.  I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you think I have been doing NOTHING else.   Yes - I have got a couple of quilts done. 

Community projects quilt - just needs the binding put on
Another community projects quilt - needs to be trimmed and binding put on
Customer quilt - DONE!

I have a TON of quilts to get done this month and wouldn't it be great if I could get them all done. I am pumped!!!!!   It is just all the other stuff that gets in the way.   But imagine how much time one would have if they did NOT have to organize things that has gotten out of hand??   Really - just imagine.  I saw a quote the other day and I didn't take note of it - but it was something to do with simplicity comes from owning less things.   I must find that because I meant to write it down. I will just get the book that I saw it in back from the library.

In case you are NOT familiar with Zentangles - you should have a look at this book. It is beautiful. And it is the book that I saw the quote in.

Zentangle book

Remember my burn testing the other day. Well, some of that poly/cotton really reacts badly when burnt. One of the small pieces twisted back and landed on my thumb.

Look at the blister - thank goodness it is just a small area because it was pretty painful yesterday. 

Here are some random pictures of what has been happening at our house lately..............

A late night visitor to the bird feeder

My new sweater. M brought one of these home (it is a UPS corporate sweater).  I normally don't wear hoodies, but I likely the funky design. And when I went to the UPS store to get  my photocopies - I had to show them my sweater.  Did you know that on Tuesdays at UPS store - photocopies are FOUR CENTS.  Yes - half the price as at Staples. That is black and white - the colour discount is on Thursday (I think)

I dug out this book because I really really really need to get my pictures and such organized. Better start brushing up!!!!!!!   Yes - I have posted this book before and yes I have tried to do this before - but  I am going to make a big effort.

Digital life organization

This is what I usually see when I leave the house. Little Sammy peeks over the railing!   But only if M is upstairs. So cute!!!!!!!!

Although it is hard to see in the photo - this is just one example of the damage to the trees in the ice storm we had in December.   All those branches around the base of the tree and you can see the broken tops.   It is just sad as the snow is melting that you are seeing this. 

It was time to take the sewing machine in for a cleaning. Have to get ready for the retreat and there were just a few things that needed to be looked at. BUT instead of suffering withdrawal - I just got out my older machine and kept right on sewing.

Ok - I think that is all the randomness that I have to share with you.

On that note - I am out of here. Sewing day today,

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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