Sunday, March 2, 2014

My kid came with a manual, BUT I didn't get a copy!!!!!

Yes - it was M's birthday yesterday.  Oh my - how fast they grow up!   Seems just like yesterday that I was struggling and pushing and cursing and wishing that this kid would come out!  It wasn't a bad birth, but I couldn't walk for days because of injuring ligaments in my pelvis. Oh yes - I will NEVER forget that!!!!   I can still feel those ligaments on a rainy day.

Before I get into the birthday - I thought some of you might be interested in seeing what happened on her other birthdays since I started blogging.

Here is March 1, 2009    (I almost don't recognize her!)

Here is March 1, 2010    (boy - these birthdays seemed to be non events - what a mother I am!!!)

Here is March 1, 2011     (took me several days to get that one posted)

Here is March 1, 2012    (ooops - I don't think I posted anything!!!  - trust me I went forward and back from March 1)

Here is March 1, 2013    (OK - that is better - at least I posted a picture!)

(the lack of my information about M's birthday is a bit disturbing. I am writing this blog so when I am old, I can remember - well there is only quilting stuff here!!!!!  I am CERTAIN that I took pictures - just didn't post them!)

Which brings me to today!   (well yesterday)

So M seems to have this thing - a 14 year old should do this, a 15 year old should do this and so on. Well now that she is officially an adult (what does that make me - a senior adult???)  Anyway - now it is OK to not only UNLOAD the dishwasher, but ADULTS actually LOAD the dishwasher. Not only do adults make a mess in the kitchen, but ADULTS clean up as well. Seriously???   No one told me that!!!!!

After all these years of pulling my hair out, all I needed to do was wait until she turned 18. Who knew????

Well I did get pictures yesterday and here they are..............

Card from Mom and Dad - an appropriate one since M got a mini-shopping spree at the store that she works at as a present. I had to give her something on her birthday so went to Chapter's to try and find a fashion magazine that she didn't have. Found this one called Canadian Fabric and NOPE - she didn't have it. 
Present from Caroline (who came for dinner and a sleep over)
More prezzies from Caroline

Well I was given STRICT instructions for dinner. M picked the menu items, sent me the shopping list and the recipes. I HATE cooking - well I don't, But I rather do something else. However in light of the fact that it was her birthday - I broke down and went shopping. Listened to a book on my iPod while I cooked.

Came back with bags and bags of veggies - yep - the menu was vegan
Mushroom appetizer - I used three kinds of mushrooms - cremini, baby bella and oyster.   I am certain that to a mushroom connoisseur that these all taste different, but to me and for this dish - regualr old white mushrooms would have worked just as well.  
Great kale salad.  It didn't get mixed up enough for the photo, but lots of beans and corn in the bottom.  No dressing - just some lime and lemon juice and a smidge of oil.  A tad too much citric juice - but next time, I will know. Very tasty!!!!

So the first two items - no big deal. Appetizers and Salad.   I just looked at the recipes - I didn't look at the pictures. Heck - I didn't even realize she sent me pictures.  So the third - I had NO CLUE what I was making.  Cooked up a bunch of different stuff - more mushroom, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli and what???  Puff pastry???   I've never cooked with puff pastry. M arrived home just in time to save me as she showed me the picture. AH - oh yes - I can do that. 

Open face puff pastry casserole

I have to say that everything was pretty tasty!!   And would go on the MAKE AGAIN list.

Then we had cake.  Now for some reason we had to have ice cream cake. Seems to me we have had ice cream cake on several occasions. Can't tell you how many - but we have had it more than once.  So M was in charge of buying her own cake since I was doing all the other stuff.

The cake (complete with candles and sparklers)

Lighting the candles (I know - we made her do that too), except it was pretty funny because the lit candles set off the sparklers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The birthday girl and her cake

Blowing out the candles (but not before making a wish)

Cutting the cake

M and Caroline using the last two sparklers

And there you have it - a pretty special birthday for a very special (to us) girl!!!!!   Happy birthday M.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Pat yourself on the back senior adult. Job well done!