Friday, March 21, 2014

Like daughter, like MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two nights ago, I called my Mom.  I asked what she was doing - she likes to crochet and make cards.  She kind of chuckled and said I would NEVER guess what she was doing. OK.................    so what are you doing Mom?????

She was SEWING - making quilts no less!!!!!!    OH MY GOD!!!!!   Really?????

When I was home last month, we talked about quilts that she had made and they were unearthed. They were just tops and I brought them home with me to quilt them.

TWO different styles of Dresden plate blocks in the same quilt

Small quilt with 6 blocks

Larger quilt with twenty blocks

Grandmother's flower garden

That little cutie!!!!  

Nancy - this is for you!!!!    Look at thoes drapes!

Quilt made by my great grandmother

Patchwork quilt top made by my Mom

We also chatted about what other fabric treasures she might have hidden away.  When I left she promised to go through the boxes. I was looking for a large piece of scrap (or an older dress) that I could use for the backing of the patchwork quilt.  She didn't find anything like that, BUT she found a HUGE quantitty of Dresden Plate pieces cut out!!!!!!!!!!    She must have cut HUNDREDS of the things!!!!!   (Oh yes - she still had the dresses, but they were too worn to be used as backing!)

I almost died!!!!    So she dug out the sewing machine and started to sew them together.  My Dad sent these pictures via his tablet. Have a look..................
Yep - there is the  old SINGER sewing machine.   That is the machine I learned to sew on!!!!!    And yes - there are those Dresden plates!!!!!   (I love the way this machine makes button holes - a bit old attachment thing you put on with a metal cam in it!)

That is a LOT of cut pieces!!!!!!!

Assembly line for the Dresden plates

More Dresden plate - HEY do you see what I see?????

 Yep - there is that darn BLACK/WHITE fabric from my little dress that I was wearing in that picture. 

See  - it is also in the patchwork quilt

She sews the blades together in the day and then turns the edges under at night while she watches TV.    This is just the funniest story EVER!!!!!

I asked her how many blocks she is going to make (OK - how many CAN she make). She thinks there will be enough blocks to make SIX quilts with TWENTY blocks each.    HA HA HA HA  - NOW you know where my obsessive behaviour came from. Yep - my MOM!!!!    It is all her fault!!!!     Oh my - that is so funny.   I just LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess EVERYONE in the family is going to get a Dresden Plate quilt! Made by Mom!

And Mom also got rid of some boxes of dressmaking (non-cotton) fabric that has been sitting for years. Way to go!!!!    Yes - spring cleaning fever has struck EVERYWHERE!!!!!

On that note - I have seven people coming over for Sit n Sew today and I need to finish getting ready for them. 

Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!!     Nothing like a good uplifting spin class to get the day started and it helps that the sun is out and it is going to be WARM today. 


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