Monday, March 17, 2014

Amish with a TWIST!!!!

Well - it has happened to me TWICE.   I hope it doesn't happen three times!

I signed up for a block of the month at a quilt store.   The quilt was the gingerbread one by Sue Garmen. It was one of those classes where you had to have your homework done or you had to pay an extra $10 or something like that. There were applique blocks, 12 inch blocks and 6 inch blocks.  The homework each month was to get the 12 inch block done.  If you got the applique done - they you qualified for a mini-draw at each class.   Of course - I was incented and I always got all the homework done!    At month eight - the store closed!!!!

The project sat like that for a long time. Then Lynn K started to finish hers and I pulled mine out. Well Lynn is long done her quilt and I am nowhere near even touching the darn thing!!!!  Before the store closed we were able to purchase the remaining kits so we had all the same fabric and all the patterns.

Then I signed up for another block of the month type quilt. Half way through this one, the same thing - the store closed.   Yikes!!!!   There were five installments and we got TWO of them with fabric and the remainding three were without fabric. Now it was a fabric that was easy to get - SOLIDS but from a specific line by Marcus Brothers.

Of course - I brought the kits home and never did anything with them.  Last month, I was chatting to two ladies who also bought the kits.  They were working on theirs and had ordered the extra fabric needed to finish the kit.   Hmmmmm - they got me going and I dug mine out.

This is Marlene's. She is still missing the last big border

Mary put hers on white - the quilts sure look different but both are BEAUTIFUL

Here is the full picture

I got busy because they offered to let me have their left over fabric so I could finish my quilt.
Installment one - DONE

Here are the blocks for Installment One - they are BRIGHT!!!!!    The small ones in the bottom right are parts of the border

Thanks goodness the fabric requirements were VERY GENEROUS so we had quite a bit to work with for the next couple of installments.   I got everything cut that I could. Then when I saw Mary and Marlene yesterday, I got what I could from them.  I cut, cut, cut................

I am still missing some fabrics but a lot of these are ready to sew together. 

And this bag holds the stuff needed for the applique

Yep - that was NOT anywhere near the 2014 shelf, and it pushed right to the front of the line!!!!    BUT - now we know what we are all missing and I am going to place an order this week so we can get it before it is gone.

These blocks look simple, but boy - they sure take a LOT of time.   Not sure if it is the colours, but there is a lot of fiddling. Now that everything is cut - it should go a bit faster - I hope.

Like I said - I think I am going to have to repack that retreat bag!!!!!    I need to put my ACTIVE projects in there so I can get them done!!!!!

It was a GORGEOUS day today - OK - so it was cool, but once one was dressed appropriately - the girls and I went for a long walk. To the library, then to Rona to get light bulbs, the bank and finally Tim's on our way home. Poor Sammy - there was water on the sidewalks, yet it was below freezing so when she got home - she had icicles hanging off her long fur!!!!!!!!   Sparky had short ones.   Sparky got the towel treatment while Sammy was whisked to the tub where she got a hair wash and cut!!!!   (thanks to M).

So I am tired now - had to blog on Sunday night - Monday mornings - there just isn`t time.

TIme to go and read and play Scrabble.  I have to laugh - I know people spend enormouse amounts of time playing games or surfing the net. I play Scrabble, check Facebook and then say `hmmmmm - now what do I do?????" and then I go read a book.  

Have an AWESOME day!!!!!!!!!!!!     (Happy St. Pat's day - got to find something green to wear!)


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