Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Something from NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ACK!!!!!   I just cannot help myself. I am ADDICTED to scraps and scrap quilts.  I see a pile of scraps and I get excited - way more excited than when I see bolts and bolts of beautiful new fabric. I must be SICK or a pioneer!!!!!

As I was going through those tubs the other day - I found a bag of fabric scraps that were cut up. Matter of fact when I delved deeper into the pile - I found that TWO quilts had been planned from the scraps. Hmmmm - I can do something with this and add to my collection of community project quilts that the Monday girls are helping me put together.

Like I said - I want to deal with the entire basket of stuff BEFORE I hand out the kits to everyone.

This is a kit that someone gave to me to be assembled and given away as she no longer wanted the kit. 

I had made the blocks at some point and it was on the 2014 shelf. Well now it is in the bag with the other kits to be assembled. 

On Sunday evening, I cut the gray fabric that goes with the red. This is going to be an AWESOME quilt when it is done - very modern.  I am liking it!!!!   Might have to do it in other colours for myself!!!!   And the bag on the right is a kit of bingo blocks - I had to cut the pieces to make ONE more block so that is in the kit as well. The sashing is cut - the corner stones are cut!!!   Oh yes - when I want the Monday ladies to help - I make it VERY EASY for them and VERY DIFFICULT to say no. ALl they have to do is sew!!!!

There are now SIX kits in the bag all ready to go. I think I have about 14 more kits to prepare - then I will hand them out.

Speaking of the other kits - here is what I found in that scrap bag and will be added to those kits.

What is all this????????????    Well - on the right are muslin squares and on the left is a jumble of odd sized strips including the too small pieces of poly/cotton for the bag linings or the backings.   Oh yes - we are NOT going to let anything go to waste.   I also added the smaller pieces of fabric that were orphans in the cotton basket.

The start of a great scrap quilt

Using the muslin as a foundation - just whack those pieces down.  I like to press after each seam

The block is done - well the muslin is completely covered

This is the back

Trimmed up to 8 1/2" square

And while I was cutting the 2 1/2" squares for the bingo block - I discovered that some of my shoe boxes filled with scraps - well let's just say that something is going to have to be done soon  as many of the lids are popping!!!!

The completed blocks - I did manage to get FOUR more done last night (so got 12 done in total) - they are so fast to sew up. 

This is my asket of scraps and I am thinking that there is going to more strips than there are muslin squares - well - I'll just make another one.  Don't forget  - I have more scraps!!!!!    (and why not use UGLY fabric as that base fabric)

This is the other quilt that was in the bag of scraps.   Pieces that were rough cut to 6 inches and some squares and other small shapes.  I did Mile a minute technique and just sewed the pieces until I could trim them to a 5 1/2" square.  I made NINETY SEVEN squares in a matter of hours.   I am three short to make a 10 by 10 quilt.  So when I get to some smaller pieces from the other scrap quilt - I will make the remaining three blocks - and then ONE MORE KIT!!!!!

The FIVE tubs of fleece and minky/plush fabric!!!   I know - I zipped out and bought two more tubs simply because it looks much neater than it did.  

These two tubs filled with yarn and knitting supplies are stored in another area of the basement. 
I dug out the tub with the fashion fabric in it.  So these three tubs still have to be sorted through. I hope to get that done in the next day or so.   

I tell you when you get started with this cleaning up thing - you just can't stop!!!!   Perhaps it is the weather???   Or I am tired of tripping over some of the stuff.   I really do NOT mind having AMOUNTS of stuff - I just want like items to be GROUPED together (which I am making excellent progress on), I want the stuff to look neat (hence the containers) and I want it to be accessible so I CAN USE IT.

Oh my god - I am so excited about this - I am tempted to rethink what I take to the retreat!!!!!!    BUT - I hope to have all these kits done before the retreat. Although - I do have stuff that I have to prepare for classes. Oh dear - well better get my butt in gear!!!!!   I must admit that there are days when I think I should retire. I know - I don't have an official job, but with the long-arm and teaching - there is a lot of work and a lot of prep work and I don't even do it full time!!!!!!!!!!!    But NO - I am not ready - not quite yet.

But using up scraps is sure a lot of fun.    I just remembered some more scraps that I had - leftovers from our quilt show - the members boutique.   No one bought them and I was going to take them to the guild for the members to have for free.  Well - I am a guild member and I have been storing them in my living room - I am going to put them to good use.  Might as well be me as someone else.

Well I was going to post the pictures - but will have to wait until tomorrow. My computer does NOT like this particular camera chip and I have rebooted the computer several times and still not happening. I have an appointment at 9 so no time to dilly dally!!!

Look what Lynn bought for me last weekend. She was in the US and remembered I like Quiltmania magazine.    Yes - this is the latest edition!!!!   Thanks Lynn.

Most recent issue of Quilt mania

So.................    are you wondering what happened when I got home yesterday????   Was I still pumped up to clean out the bedroom?????   Oh you bet I was.  I got my iPod - cranked in some music (OK - so it was the radio station), got the camera, and my little white stool - I don't do sitting on the floor if I can help it!!!!

Well - a couple of hours later - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     I will post the entire saga tomorrow.  It was a MIND BLOWING experience, but I feel awesome and wait until you see what I found and what I got rid of. I am giving us (that is YOU and ME) a week to get through the bedroom - I still have a few things that have to be dealt with, but that shouldn't take that much time.   Then on to the bathroom.  So - did you get to work in the bedroom????   Why not????   It really doesn't take that long - come on - you already know pretty much what has to go.  I am waiting to hear all about your experience - or at least did you go to Gail Blanke's web site. Did you???   Well - spring is coming and wouldn't it be nice to have everything neat and organized???   Then you would know what you need (or my case - NOTHING)  for the summer.

I just have to say that this exercise of getting rid of things is so freeing!!!!!!!!!!   I have done this in the past, but sort of - but this time - I was pretty ruthless.  OK - I still have LOTS - but at least it is all stuff that I love or will wear (now that I can find it!)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!   (and get into that closet!!!!!!!!)


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