Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sit n Sew

It was Pampered Sit n Sew day!!!!!!!!!!!!     Although these can be very tiring days - they are so much fun and a super super day for everyone involved.  I use them as fund raisers for my two charities - The Ride to Conquer Cancer and The Healing Cycle for Palliative Care.

The ladies get their pressing done for all their sewing and I do stitch ripping IF THERE IS TIME.  Lately - I have been chained to that ironing board which is fine by me as that means the ladies are working hard and getting lots done.

It is just a win - win - win for me, the charities and the participants!!!!!!    There are only THREE days left for this season and there is just ONE SPOT left on April 18.

Here is some of what they worked on yesterday...............

One set of work tables
The second set - see with my two new tables - everyone gets a nice big work space. 

I only keep two of these four tables up. Then there is LESS to clean up when people come over.   And it really did not take long at all to get things organized for the group.

I have to say that my 2014 shelf is working at last.   Now I didn't shove the stuff back on the shelf, I did throw it in a bag. And boy - I have about 7 quilts that just need backing. I MUST focus on those and get them done and into the TO BE QUILTED pile. So much just needs a BIT of work and it goes to the next stage. Well - must get to work.

Jan was working on this I Spy quilt. She saw it on a blog - no pattern available so she made one up!!!!

All those magnifying glasses are highlighting something!   Very cute!!!!!    
 Then Jan moved to another project with HUNDREDS of half square triangles.   I remember pressing some of them last time she was here. I think we have them all pressed now. Now she has to TRIM them all - good luck Jan!!!!!   (Thank god I don't trim!)

Mary was working on some odd blocks. The red/white one and the one below it are from a $10 quilt - the red one from last year, the thirties from this year. The blue blocks are also I Spy - just a different slant on them. She did get a LOT more blue blocks done - I just didn't take a picture. 

BTW - Mary - I did NOT see it yesterday, but as soon as I put the picture up - well - have a GOOD look at your red block!!!!

Gail was working on this Kaffe Fassett quilt that is just STUNNING.   I so want to make this.  And YES - I found the book at the library and it is winging its' way to me as we speak!!!!   She just has to put borders on - I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Daphne was working on this black/white quilt. A touch of yellow just perks it up.   I want to make this one as well!!!!

Yep - there is a BIG problem when the ladies come over - too many ideas in a head that already has way too many ideas!!!!!!!!!!

Gillian was working on a very unique setting for a 9-patch.  I should have taken a picture of what she has done so far.  I do have the pattern - I could dig it out.   OK - I dug it out.

The setting for Gillian's 9-patch quilt.  I do NOT have the pattern - this picture was from August 2001 McCalls Magazine.   I am impressed - it took less than 2 minutes to find that!!!!!!!!

Gillian also had another quilt that she put on the design wall and got the blocks organized but I didn't get a picture of it!!!!  

Susan was working on finishing up this placemat from the booklet Table Please (Book One) from Art to Heart.

She was also working on a Block of the Month from Sew Sisters - A Marti Michelle one which I did not get the name of.

Anyway - they were BUSY BUSY BUSY and got so much done.  And we laughed and we laughed - we really had an awesome day.  

I found a new photography friend  - Gail.  Funny how we identify people by what the connection is - gym friends - photography friends!!!!  

After they left - I thought I had better get this Lightroom installed on my computer so I could start the process of organizing those TENS of THOUSANDS of pictures.   And we have a subscription service to Adobe products - ONE monthly fee lets us have access to all their latest products so I had better make good use of  it.   M was trying to install the software for the last couple of days and we were not having luck. BUT we found the problem last night.

OH DEAR - it is a BIG problem. My laptop - is an ANTIQUE.  Yep - I am TWO Windows O/S behind - I still have Vista and Lightroom requires Windows 7, but recommends 8.  My processor is IntelTWO and Lightroom needs Intel FOUR.  Oh - crude crude crude!!!!!!!!!!!  

Well - I checked out the prices of a new laptop and well - I am WORTH EVERY PENNY - hope to come home today with a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!   Then I can take advantage of all that software.   YEP - SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!!!     It does NOT take much for me to go on a tangent - well you all know that.

I was up late last night after everyone left. Had to get my assignment stuff ready for class today.  And I got some paperwork done. Well - I was productive and that was all that counted.

On that note - I have to get to class this morning.

Have a GREAT GREAT GREAT day!!!!!!


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  1. Uggghhhhh.....and I thought I was being so careful. ripit, ripit, ripit!!!