Friday, March 7, 2014

Get REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK - so no pictures this morning. The computer is having a little hissy fit!   It keeps telling me to close down some of the windows!!!!

HA - I saw a quote the other day and it said something to the effect that looking in on a creative mind is like having many many tabs open on the internet. Yep - that is ME!!!!!!!!!!!!   (I guess they mean - going off in multiple directions at once and no focus. Could they be talking about me? Hardly!!!!)

I just took that REAL AGE test.  You know - they ask you all kinds of questions - heart rate, exercise, blah blah blah.   Well - turns out I am younger than 50!!!!!   Actually 5 years younger than my real age.   OK - I like that.

If you have some time - check it out.

I was at the gym a LONG time this morning - chatting to all my gym friends.  I really must try some of the other classes.   And the other day I was chatting to one of the instructors. I asked him why he never came to spin class. He said he wouldn't be able to stand having his legs in agony for an hour.  Seriously????   Well - my legs were SCREAMING this morning. I  may need a nap!!   Hey - Lifetime Athletic is having an open house this weekend.  Why not check it out?????

But there is NOTHING - absolutely NOTHING better than the high that you get from an amazing workout. I'm talking about the heart pumping (get those endorphins flowing, sweating) workout.  You are just so pumped - there is NOTHING that the day can throw at you that you won't be able to deal with.

ON that note - I took some pictures this morning of this studio - good thing the endorphins are pumping because I have a HUGE mess and it needs to be cleaned up!!!!!

And now I am off to tackle the mess.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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