Monday, March 10, 2014


You know that expression - I believe it came froma movie and refers to a dog's attention span. Well it pretty much describes me these days.

I got into those buckets and that just snow balled.   While I THOUGHT I had all the buckets of odd ball fabric - I was WRONG. When I was looking for a basket to put something in - I spied yet ANOTHER big blue bucket.  Hmmm - what is in there. Oh dear - THAT is the bucket with the fashion fabric - that means that the one I thought had the fashion fabric has something else.!!!!!!!!!!

Then while I was sewing up something so totally off the TO DO list, I was listening to an audio book. Finished the novel and OH MY - I have this book by Gail Blanke  - Throw Out 50 Things.

GO TO THE WEB SITE.   It is pretty cool.   So the first part is the bedroom.  And I am pumped - I went through the hanging stuff in the closet last night and grabbed some stuff.  ACK - most I haven't worn in years yet all has a few memories that I don't want to get rid of?  Or do I?????

As I spun my heart out in spin class this morning, I got to thinking about my clothes.  Seriously?????    What do I wear?   Jeans and T-shirts. So why do I keep everything else??????    I am so PUMPED to go through EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING in that bedroom and PITCH PITCH PITCH.   I hope I feel as pumped when I get home from Monday Motivators!!!!!

OK - so are you with me?????    I am not sure how much of her book is on the web site - but the idea is to pitch 50 things. And if you pitch magazines - that counts as ONE THING.  I am so ready to do all the house - BUT not the sewing room - well I guess I have been working on that.

Anyway - I took pictures of what happened in the sewing room yesterday and I will do the bedroom (it is pretty sparse in there anyway) but still clothes can go!!!!!    And I am going to be ruthless and NOT LOOK BACK.  

Again - are you with me?????     Here are some tips -

I have sweaters - do I wear them?  Certain ones - no!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Because I prefer dressing in layers so I can undress as I need if I get hot or cold. Sweaters - GONE.   Jackets - and a suit that I don't wear - GONE.    Just wait - this just might be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!     FIFTY things - and you get to make a list!!!!   I don't know that I can make 50, but I am going to try.   And even if I get one or two rooms done - I am OK with that.  

We hav ONE WEEK to deal with the bedroom.   Extra pillows - that collect dust - GONE. Floower arrangements that you don't like - GONE. Need new lamps - GET THEM. Clean out the bed side table. Rugs on the floor? - GET RID OF THEM if you don't like them.  

I will do before and after - you will see - I literally only have clothes to get rid of in the bedroom.

OK - have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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