Sunday, March 23, 2014

Retreat anxiety!!!!

OK - so NOT exactly.  BUT I am having second thoughts about what I have packed for the retreat.   I have had my laundry basket filled with projects for - well since the beginning of the year.  These are projects that have been around for a while - COMPLETELY CUT and ready to sew.

Retreat basket - complete with a bottle of wine and the magnectic Scrabble board

BUT what about the current projects that are in the Monday basket or the $10 quilts or the ones that are currently in the que in the studio or what about something completely NEW??????

This happens before every retreat. I have stuff cut and ready to go and then well - I just add more!  What the heck - as long as it fits in the back of the car and Mary's stuff fits in the back seat - then I am OK!!!!   That little car can hold a LOT of stuff.  So who knows what will get flung into the car at the last minute!

I have a lot of show n tell to do from my monthly classes, but no time for that today. I have another Sit n Sew and I need to MAKE lunch.

I just have to laugh though. I come home from a day of teaching FOUR different quilts. All of them require lots of bibs and bobs. Then I come home and spread out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spread out - BUT everything has a home and so very quickly it got put away. 

Then a customer came and picked up some quilts that I had quilted (Oh yes - I am way behind in showing you those pictures) and she dropped off a bag of stuff that she didn't want and MORE quilts to be quilted.

Sorted throught the scraps and added to that box of stuff that we are making the community project quilts from.  Once sorted, everthing on this table also had a home and it was put away. 

Tidying up is so easy when everything has a HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I was pretty much done in a half hour!!!!

The ironing board is also a temporary dumping ground

That was mostly because I dug out ONE of the several boxes with 9-patches in it so I could get that picture for you yesterday. 
Inside the box - LOTS and LOTS of nine patches

I have participated in SEVERAL of those swaps and have done NOTHING with the blocks. Yet............

BUT - I have lots of ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say that I participated in a LOT of swaps when I was first starting out and even as recently as two years ago. So many of them did NOT get completed.  And I want to complete them - just a question of priority.

Oh yes - speaking of priority - remember that saying - Prioritze - Focus - Win.   And I was going to post a picture, but could not find where I had placed the little plaque????

Well have a look - have a close look at this..............

DUH - it was right in front of my face - this is just above my cutting table!!!!!!!!!!!

And let's not forget the cutting table - everything is a dumping ground!!!!!!!!!!!

 However this is how it all looks this morning. Nice and tidy and ready for the ladies to bring on their projects!!!!!!!   And some day - I MUST get that bare wall covered back up with quilts!!!!!!

Ready - set - sew!!!!!!!!!!

I did a BAD thing last night - well I blame it on M.  If you follow me on Facebook - you may have seen it. I will tell you more tomorrow (if I can figure it out).   I am pretty excited and there will be NO EXCUSES in the future!

On that note - I am off to make Shepherd's Pie for lunch.  

Have a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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