Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pampered Sit n Sew Days

I had a Pampered Sit n Sew day a week ago Friday and another one on Sunday. BOTH were full and there was a HUGE demand on the pressing. I see we are going to have to change the rules. I will ONLY press what they actually sew during the day!!!!!   None of this sneaking stuff in!   Let's just say that the PRESSER (ME) needed a rest - I needed some pampering which of course I didn't get and my feet were protesting!!!

It was the LAST day of the Olympics and the men's hocky game. I went out and bought a cake before the group came.  Regardless of whether the team won or not - we were all so proud of our athletes. See.....

Our Canada celebration cake!!

Like myself, a great many of my sewing buddies are trying to complete projects and I just LOVE when they share them with me.

Claudette brought along a couple of projects that she has been working on.
This is a representation of her son's dog (who has passed). She made the pattern from a photograph.  It is GORGEOUS. 

This is also Claudette's. It is a pattern by Big Fork Company. I remember Claudette working on this at a pampered sit n sew a while back. She quilted it, but instead of putting a binding on - she had it framed and it is STUNNING.  She is going to frame the dog picture as well. 

Detail of the stitching on the horse

Thanks to my FABULOUS pressing, Ronda got her log cabin together. I did a lot of it at the last Sit n Sew. I think I deserve credit on the label!!!!

And Sharron got her black and white top together - this is HUGE!!!!   But she left with the top pressed and ready to be quilted!!!!   I also pressed most of this quilt!   Hmmm - more credit!!!!

Let's not forget Ronda's Hopscotch and there was other stuff as well.  It was a very productive day for everyone!!!!

Had a great physical - well as good as all that gets!!!!   When the doctor asks - any issues and you are able to truthfully reply - nope!!  (OK - two small age related ones, but who is counting!!)   I did NOT make it for the blood work as I had to get somewhere else so I fasted for nothing!!!   Oh well - no big deal. I survived.

I have TWO sewing days booked this week (one or two spots still available on Thursday if anyone is interested) and I have been prepping. I believe there are bits and pieces of FIVE quilts cut and ready to sew. I have been working on them for a bit and just advancing to the next stage.

Well loads more to blog - just so little time these days.  I am trying to work through those paperwork issues and I seem to be on the go constantly. No time to sit down. But NOTHING planned for the entire weekend. Not sure how that happened, but I am so looking forward to doing NOTHING (as if!!!)   And I MUST clear my computer and shut it down. It has gotten V E R Y    S L O W  and that is just because there are too many windows open.   Just like my brain!  Off in a thousand directions at the same time.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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