Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sorting scraps

Remember that I dug out that box of scraps from the guild. Here is a pictorial lesson on how to dissect the mess!!!!

Box of scraps

There was that large piece that went into the backings for the community projects

Backing for community project quilt

Then I went through the box and sorted out the NON-SCRAP things

The NON-scraps sorted
Let's start with the half square triangles - there were a LOT that were already made

Half square triangles - already made

Some of them were made with Thangles and still had the paper on - I took the paper off, wasn't happy with the finished size so I trimmed them all

Then the trimmed half square triangles went into the HALF TRIANGLE collection - you see there are little baggies of ALL SIZES

And the finished ones fit into these two containers

These are the UNFINISHED half square triangles - they still need to be sewn

And let's not forget the BIG box by the sewing machine, the bag on the holder on the ironing board, the metal tin with HSTs that need to be trimmed AND last but not least - the big square box on the 2014 shelf that is waiting to be sewn.  I could probably go on a four (or more) day retreat and just take this project and still not get done!!!!!!!!!!   Maybe I should do that for one retreat!!!!!!   It would be boring!!!!!!!!

These little triangles went into the "to be sewn" half square triangle box

I also found leftover bits of binding in the box.  Now most binding is made with 2 1/2" strips so some people have just pressed that open and stuck it with their 2 1/2" strips.  I started saving all the binding bits that could be joined to make binding for scrap quilts instead of having to find scraps of 2 1/2" strips when it was time to make the binding for the scrap quilts.

Binding bits - there was more, but it already went into the tin before I thought to take a picture

This is my tin of binding bits!!!!  

Yep - that is a fair sized tin - about 10 inches in diameter and 5 inches high - stuffed with binding bits. I see it is going to be time to start making some scrappy bindings!!!!!!!!!!

Then I found a couple of quilt blocks

Two orphan blocks

And they went into the orphan block box

This box used to be full, but someone was looking for blocks to make a quilt for their car.  I sold them all the blocks that I had and now I am starting over. Some day  - I will come up with a clever setting and use them up!!!!! :)

Oh yes - let's not forget the flannel scraps

Flannel scraps

They went with the rest of the flannel scraps - these do get used up to make quilt tops for the community projects.  I try to coordinate as best I can!!!!

The cute little panel that I am giving to Mary to put on her kitchen themed quilt

There was also a bag of bright squares - good for a child's quilt. Aha - another kit to make up for the community projects

Bag of bright squares
A FEW ugly panels. And what exactly can you do with those ugly panels?????

Well - two things come to mind - make the braided/crocheted rugs OR

Cut the panels into strips.................

Strips of ugly leftover fabric

And make this kind of quilt................

Strippy scrappy quilt

Oh - I also took out ALL THE STRIPS that were in the box and added them to that orange basket of strips that I am using to make the strippy scrappy quilt.

BUT there was still fabric left in the box.  Squares, rectangles and bigger piece that  I have left it for the moment. It is in the laundry basket with the rest of the fabric to be processed for the community project quilts.  So I will get to it - just not today (or tomorrow).  

The best thing is that what I took out (and that was about half) - HAD A HOME.  If you don't have homes for stuff - then what happens????   It becomes CLUTTER!!!!!!!!!    EVERYTHING needs a home.

I have to say that I am NOT FOCUSING these days.    Oh my goodness - I am flitting around like a crazy person.   But I hope to get my act together this week.   I'll show you what I have been working on another day.    I just may be repacking that box for the retreat!!!!!!!!   I know - I just can't help myself - there is stuff in my weekly sewing basket that is NOT getting done and I want to move on to the next stuff.  

And I don't know about you, but when the weather is so nice - like yesterday, I cannot stay in the house. I persuaded the dogs to go for a walk with me (as if!!!!).   We walked all the way to Indigo (at the mall), then the library, stopping at Tim's for a treat for them and a tea for me and back home. We were gone for an hour and a half. It was a GLORIOUS GLORIOUS day.  We all came home covered in mud - my black pants were spotted with mud, but we had fun and we were tired!!!!!!!     Can't wait for summer!!!!!!!

I have to get a binding put on a quilt that I am delivering this morning. The binding is half on!!!

On that note - I am out of here

Have a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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