Thursday, March 20, 2014

Social Media!!!!!

I've been investigating social media the last few days. Twittering, Facebook, blogs, web sites - on my - there is a LOT of stuff happening on the internet.

While we all follow blogs, I do not know of anyone else in this area who blogs.  And then have you ever Googled your name to see what comes up????   The internet is a fascinating place, but I RULE it - (timewise) - it doesn't rule me!!!

Anyway - I did a Google search - Quilting - Mississauga.  Ruti's Needlebed came up first, The Mississauga Quilt Guild came up second and guess what came up THIRD?????   Yes - MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!    I was very excited to see that!!!!!!!

But there are NO other stores in our area, there are no museums or other businesses related to quilting in the area and as I mentioned - no one else is blogging.   There is SO MUCH more that I want to do (only because I think the technology is so cool) but two reasons I don't. I don't have the expertise and I don't have the time.

The ideas are there!

While many of you do not comment or send me pictures, I get comments (in person) all the time about how fired up people are about tidying up the sewing room or the rest of the house.  It is spring and people have caught the fever!!!!!!!!    That makes me very happy!!!!    Don't forget that I am quite happy to pass on information or pictures or whatever so don't be shy to send me stuff - not that I don't have a ton of ideas of what to blog about.   There are too many and I can barely keep up!   And of course - it will make a difference when I get my organization system set up for the pictures.  You DO NOT want to know how many pictures we are talking about - TENS of THOUSANDS!!!!!!   Oh yeah - a lot of fun that is going to be.

The other problem I have is MY MIND - it is going a THOUSAND miles a minute - there are just so many ideas floating around in there - I just can't keep on top of them all. Yes - I should be focusing, but how can you focus when you are a kid standing in the middle of a candy store and it is all FREE.   Well that is my brain these days!   I did manage to finish something this morning and as soon as I finish its companion, I will take a picture.

We had embroidery club yesterday. Oh my - I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this group of ladies. The discussions (and they are REAL discussions) - the topics are diverse, exciting, creative and positive. It is funny how a group comes together and it is not always the same group of people every week, but they really work well together and I am so happy that we got this started. And I am going to blame them for getting my brain so fired up!!!!!

I would also say it is all the fresh air I am getting.  Those dogs keep looking at me with their puppy dog eyes PLEADING to go out for a walk and well - I just can't say no.  We've been to the library, the bank, Tim's (their favourite spot), the hardware store, Mary's house and probably way more places. The best thing - these are all so within walking distance of the house. I just love going for a walk with them.

Here are a couple of pictures of the mall roof.  I know - you will see lots of these I am sure until that clock tower comes down.
Panels being removed

Other side of the tower

We did walk to Mary's house so I could get a better picture of her Block of the Month. This is the best we could do.  I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt.

Mary's Block of the Month

Mary and I collaborated on the initial concept.  I fired up EQ7 and got to work.  It is all made of 2 inch finished squares (some are half square triangles).  It was done as a Block of the Month (now called the chunk of the month) for the Mississauga Guild.  The instructions are SPARSE - there is NO colour scheme - just a value schematic.  The guild embraced it with a passion. We are going to have an exceptional show n tell in June.  The pictures will NOT be doing justice to this quilt. Therefore I want to invite you to come as a guest to the guild that night.   They meet the first Thursday of the month, so that would be June 5. Check the link above to get the location details.   I am SO EXCITED!!!  I wonder if I should package it and sell it as a pattern?????  

Anyway - it is time to get to the events of the day!  

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. What about The Edgy Perfectionist (Mississauga) or How My Time Flies (Mississauga) www.howmytimeflies.blogspot.c or Buttons Quilts (Milton)

  2. Hi!! I am new to quilting and in Mississauga I started with paper piecing the Project of Doom Harry Potter quilt and moved on from there. I go to Ruti's for my fabrics and such given our complete and total lack of quilt fabric shops. (I have ordered alot online and did a major purchase down in Florida last week). That said. I am trying to find out if there is anyone in town or area that is willing to let you "rent" a long arm. Basically go into their shop or whatever and quilt your sandwich yourself. I was playing with the machines at a quilt show in Florida and love them but don't have the room. I found several places there that will let you use their equipment for a nominal fee (by nominal I mean $15...seriously....crazy huh?) I will look into the quilters guild here as well.