Monday, March 24, 2014

My HAPPY place

I have decided that I CANNOT fight it.  While I like everything in my studio to have a HOME, I also like to see things spread out before me.   I do NOT know why.  For me to just have one project out and work only on that - my brain just abouts shuts down!   But should I need to get it ready for people - it doesn't take long to tidy up because things have a home.

So - after the girls left yesterday from the Sit n Sew, the doors opened and the projects BEGGED me to be put on the tables.   The scraps were SCREAMING - let me out - let me out!!!!!!!!

And I COMPLIED!!!!!!!!

The studio a few mere hours after everyone left!

Now I was good in that I put TWO tables away so that would help control the mess. In light of the bags of scraps that my friend gave me on Saturday, I decided that something needed to be done.

I dug out ALL my flannel scraps and that is what I am dealing with on the back tables.  The box on the tables on the right - well that was my BAD thing I did on Saturday.

It is Monday Motivators where I will continue to work on those scraps and then I will have a LOT to share with you later on.

As I have said in the past - I LOVE working on a brand new project, but I am EQUALLY happy or maybe more happy when I find a way to use up scraps.  It just makes me HAPPY!!!!!

On that note - have an AWESOME day.   (almost done my 10,000 steps for the day - OK - so most of them were done on a bike, but still!!!)


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