Saturday, March 8, 2014

Going, going, GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was out and about yesterday and saw a GREAT QUOTE on a pillow in Chapter's.  I feel silly taking pictures of stuff in a store (and really is it appropriate????) so this one I just remembered.  "When was the last time you did something for the first time?"     Oh yes - that is pretty profound!   Get out of the rut - do something different!!!!   (just wait - my new little pet project is totally insane - if you follow me on Facebook - you already know about it)

Here is a hint............

I was doing a bit of organizing (again!) and I really have to ask myself - am I having more fun doing the cutting and sewing on this stuff or is it the organizing that is making me happy????   Good question - we will never know, but it is a win win all around. I get stuff cleaned up, I get to sew and someone will be the recipient of these quilts.   And I am trying very hard to not let this get out of hand again.

This is THE basket. Cottons (and a bit of poly/cotton) that need to be dealt with for community projedcts quilts. 

There are THREE kits ready to sew

Five kits half cut - need to cut the gray sashing (the fate of one bag is still up in the air)

The cotton solids  in the basket

These go together BUT

If I add the green - even better. 

Yep - these go together

This is for binding

Oh - there's that backing again

Four panels to deal with

Odd ball fabric - hmmmm - what to do with all this (there isn't much). I am going to see if any of it can be used with the panels (I don't think so), Otherwise it may become one very scrappy back or I may donate it to the community projects at the guild and hopefully they will have stuff that will work with it or it goes in my stash. The possibilities are endless

Some more pieces that have to be dealt with

I figure if I can deal with making one or two kits a week - I can get done in a month or two. Then farm out the kits to be sewn, get them quilted and bound and OUT the door.

This was my studio yesterday morning - a tad messy and while I got rid of some stuff yesterday - it still doesn't look much better. 

Pat took two big bags of the solid poly/cotton that she wanted

Leaving this
From the leftovers - I sorted out the pieces that were appropriate for making linings for bags and they already have been spoken for

These pieces are too small for the backing and the bag linings so this will be used to make Heather's cat a crocheted rug!!!!

And so that poly/cotton is all spoken for.

I hope you are all getting some organizing done in your studios/sewing rooms. I just can't wait for the day when I am done.   HA - like that is ever going to happen.

I dug out the next thing to deal with and got part of it dealt with yesterday, but it was too nice a day to be cooped up inside.

I'll share with you (and hopefully will have it all dealt with) tomorrow.

Today - it is cloudy - perfect because I have a quilt that HAS TO BE DONE TODAY.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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