Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Deep in the woods......................

Sunday was such a gorgeous day that I bundled the girls up and we were off for a hike. Hmmmmm - where to go??   The first spot I was going to was PACKED - there was no room in the parking lot, no room in the second parking lot, but we managed to find a spot to park and did a bit of investigating.

HEY - look at this. We had an awesome walk for over two hours and only met TWO people.  I guess everyone else went for easy and we went for the more challenging route?   Whatever - I felt we had choosen wisely since we had a carefree walk. I will definitely go back to that spot again. However I may have to go alone. While we were only hiking for about two hours, Sparky was pretty tired - she is 13 after all.  I had to help her into the car when we were finished. Not sure that it was in her best interests to go for that long of a hike. Poor Sparky!   She seems to  be fine today, but is starting to be unstable on her feet.   My baby!!!!!    Well - enough of that - let's have a look at the pictures I took....................

It was just beautiful, but hard to believe that all these pictures were taken in the same area.  I didn't get any of the rugged areas - too busy trying not to fall into a crevasse or slip on the rocks!!!!

We walked beside a small river/creek for a bit - see the small water fall

Saw a couple of flowers - yeah spring is here

More flowers - these were teeny tiny, but very pretty

Moss on the rocks

We walked amidst these kinds of trees

And moments later - this was the view - very wild!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good thing we didn't have to go that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It was a mud pit

Terrain wasn't so bad for most of it

You could see lots of fallen trees and debris from the ice storm in December

A MUCH  bigger water fall  - OK so it was only a couple of feet high, but bigger than the first one we saw
There was a bit of snow left in the deep shadows

And snow/ice underneath all the cedar boughs on the path

At one time, and there must have been something in the area because out of the blue - there are PICNIC TABLES!   Old ones, but still - I think we saw four in total

The path maintainers were out and the path was pretty clear - you could see where they had chopped trees that had fallen on the path from the ice storm

Fording a stream 

And taking a bridge

Sparky on the bridge

Here the trail was wide open

Very wide open here

Cute little Sammy

A wolf!!!!!    She sure looks like a wolf in this picture

Wild knarly tree root

Thank goodnes for the blue blazes for the Bruce Trail. There were a couple of times when OH OH - I don't think we are on the trail. and yep - we were NOT. Fortunately, we had not gone far and were able to find our way.  But if you were not paying attention - it would be easy to get lost!!!!

And here are the happy hikers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Look at Sammy - she is so cute!!!!!

Another selfie of the happy hikers!!!!!!!!!!

It really was an awesome day. It was hot. Even though that terrain wasn't difficult, my feet were very tired at the end of the hike and I have to admit, as happy as the dogs were to arrive back at the car, I was just as happy.   I think I did over 20,000 steps that day.

We had fun and lots of awesome memories!!!!!    Thanks Sparky and Sammy for a great hike.

On that note - it is time to get to work.

Have an awesome day.................


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  1. Wonderful travelogue! Totally enjoyed the hike with you except my feet are not so tired!